How long till u could ride?

im just wondering how long it took everyone to learn to ride, not anything special, but just able to keep balance and ride pretty much as far as they wnted without falling. it took me about a week or less, i dont know

This has been asked before, a lot of times =p

Anyways, it took me about 4-7days, riding for little amounts of time on my friends uni, if i had my own back then, i could of spent hours everyday to get it down, but either way, i still learned =p

about two weeks or so.

i think average is like 10-15 hours total if you dont wait too long between practices

Took me about a week and a half to mount & ride for extended distances. That probably ended up being the usual 10-15ish hours that most people report.

I think I could have gone faster if I was just focussing on riding and not freemounting at the same time.

ya it probably ahs been asked many time, but i dont read other peoples things. unless they have a good video that they want me to watch. and im pretty rude and self absorbed

Well it took me 39 years to discover unicycling, then about 5 weeks after that.

Or my other answer is - I’m still very much learning after a fantastic year.


3-4 days of continuous pedal to shin, butt on the ground, unicycle 50 feet away from me happenings… but i learned!

It took me one juggling club meet until I could ride across the gym
and thats about 3 hours.
Then I just kept at it, I was hopping in about a week.

After 4-5 years, I still can’t ride as far as I want. :o

it took me about 2 weeks (Because of the whole school thing. Who needs school these days when i can just be a street performer?) and about 7-8 hours to mount and go continuously.

Yeah around 1 week.

2 weeks to get level one and hopping

it took me around 2 and a half weeks with school and everything…and i had about 5 metres squared practise area but yeh pretty average time…st00pid sch00l

The definitive Klaas Bil study of how long it took to ride. There may be a link in there to Klaas’ analysis of how long to expect to take to learn based on present age, wheel size, and some other variables. I know he did the analysis but am unsure if it is linked to in the thread i gave you.

2 days of hardcore practace to mount,ride and hop 20cm:p

Yes. There is an excellent analysis linked to in that thread HERE.

2 weeks.

I took me 16 years till I could ride. Then I took a couple weeks to learn. I just realized that March 2006 marked my 30th anniversary as a rider!

Re: How long till u could ride?

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 21:41:38 -0500, harper wrote:

>‘The definitive Klaas Bil study’
>(How long did it take you to learn?) of how long
>it took to ride.

Thanks for the link harper!

One thing: I wouldn’t call my study ‘definitive’. I’m still collecting
data to do a sequel and refine the analysis. Unfortunately, the data
that people supply in this thread are incomplete (for my purposes). If
anyone feels inclined to contribute, please go to :

You can do two things there:

  1. Assess your unicycling talent in a fun way.
  2. Send your data to me to be included in the ‘definitive’ study.


Well it took me like a month… I admit when I got ticked I didn’t ride for 15 minutes before I rode again. Now I can Jump, One foot and other normal stuff. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: