how long have u been unicycling?

how long have u been unicycling? i have been unicycling for 1 year and abit

7 months

1 year and one month (started May '05)

26 years since i learned .I took 14 year brake in there though.

26 years, no breaks.

1 year and several months

almost 2 years

Re: how long have u been unicycling?

supersam wrote:
> how long have u been unicycling?

3 months.


Learned August '05

i am new to the forum, this is my first post.
I learned to ride 3 years ago, but then put it up.
i just started riding again about 3 weeks ago.
almost like starting over.

2 weeks, but seems less… I remember when the UPS man came and broght that package to me…

2 years and 1-2 months


17 months.


Almost 2 yrs.

it took me about 14 days to learn the basics and i didn’t start trials until about 200 days. i’ve been riding total exactly 363 days.

6 months

2 months and 1 week.

As a young teenager I rode a unicycle, not enthusiastically, mostly as a novelty because my brothers rode. Still, when my b*ke was not available I remember riding 10miles at times.

After a ~35 year break, two and half years ago, for exercise, I started riding again. Now I ride daily. Am loving it.

4 to 5 years, on and off.

In 18 months I’ve gone from groping a rope in the basement to riding trails in the woods and parades with the club.