how long does it take to learn a BC wheel

how long does it take to learn a BC wheel?
i learned in 5 mins…after i made the thing… i can ride down the driveway (starting btw cars) across the street and down the sidewalk across the street a little ways b4 im goin too slow
and do yall have any tips on freemounting??


My friend got a bc and I learned how to do it in 15 mins. It’s real easy to go for a pretty long time. I can do jumps on it now but he’s better than i am because he practices a lot and I can only do it when i see him so. I might get a bc wheel this summer, I’m still thinking about it.


I MADE ONE in like 10 mins by getting a bike wheel and some garage door fastners and just bolting them on :slight_smile: it works pretty good, but the plates bend too easy … and I just ground off the axle w/ a grinder so that it wasn’t in the way

would you mind posting some pics of it and maybe explaining a little more how to build one? i really want to build one.

how to build a BC

its really easy … all it is is a front bike wheel … and some kind of angle iron w/ a hole drilled through it and attached to the axle of the rim in a fixed, lined up position and kabang theres your BC wheel

my design is really bad because it is so weak, but if you had some stronger angle iron (which im going to put some on) it would be strong , then all you have to do is bolt the angle irons on using the axle and the nuts the bike used … i had to cut off the axle, but it was very long and I cut it off too short actually because i wasn’t thinking about how the next angle irons would be thicker so I can only hope it works … anyways ill put links to pics here in a second


the ones before and after are pix of it too but i don’t have time to take it apart & stuff now

Hey, it took me alot longer than 5 minutes to learn how to ride one. Multiple days I think to have it down relatively well.

My favorite mount (and the most practical) is the skatemount. Put one of you feet on the plate (which ever feels more comfortable) and then push it like a skateboard then when you get some speed put the other one on. In the beginning you will probably find that when you try the whole wheel will tip over to the side you have your foot on. One thing to try when learning it is just do one push. With your foot on the plate pull the wheel back and gently push it forward and in one motion put your other foot on the other plate. Then when you start learning multiple pushes thing about it as hopping on one foot, that way you don’t put so much pressure on the one side so it won’t fall over.
I learned how to grind on a bc before I learned how to mount. At that time I don’t think anyone was doing skatemounts (well maybe they were, just not that I knew of at least) and a rolling mount is scary on the first trieds. If you have thin plates that you made yourself don’t do the rolling mount or other hops because they will bend really easily, so will your axle if you have a 3/8".

It is SO easy if jesus helps u

maybe it is, but I never said that
now did I ??

I’m going to have to try this.

Since I’m on summer break now, I get to concentrate as much as I want (until I find a job…but I’m still going to make time to unicycle, as that is first priority in my life right now) BC’ing. I’ve probably worked at it less than tens hours so far…which has only amounted to once in a while up until this point.

I’m having a great time learning how to do it, and am getting it with much ease that I should be grateful for.

There’s one problem yet. I’m still having a bit of difficulty getting both feet on the BC equally. My left foot is the one that stays on the ground and does the pushing…the one last to get on the plates. Sometimes I get it on a little too far forward. Not only do I see that it’s too far forward, but I can feel it also. Any solutions for this?

Mounting in general has come a long ways. So has riding the BC. I’ve hopped up a few curbs from the front and side. I’ve taken a few drops off of curbs. I’m getting different types of turning down (narrow turns and wide sweeping turns…etc). I’ve also made quite a few multiple push skatemounts without problems. This seems to be one last little hurdle before I really go at progressing with the BC as more than just a beginner.