How long did you wait between 180 and 360

I have just gotten my 180 unispin consistency down and im wanting to know how long i need to wait to work on 360, or if i should learn to 180 unispin with one hand first or what. I was trying to figure out the position of the hands and have found a few different ways and theres one i like but i have no speed whatsoever and at when i spin it, i try to go 360 degrees but i cant spin it anywhere close to being fast enough to land it. Does that sort of thing come with practice or what?

try one handed. hold the saddle in the middle with your wrist twisted 180degrees. then spin.
try it as a mount too.
once you can spin it 180, one handedly…
sping it 360 with one hand, hold the saddle in the middle with your wrist twisted 180 and then spin it 180, let go and let it spin 360. practise the spin part, practise as a mount, and then practise as a complete manouver…

that was the advice that peter bier gave me, i think he knows what he’s doing…

good luck

don’t wait, STICK IT

As soon as your consitent with 180s

But when I do my 180 unispins I spin it clockwise with my right foot back meaning my feet wont catch the unicycle from spinning. Would you still recomend me letting go of it or should I learn to spin it counterclockwise also?

Nah, just learn it and don’t worry about which direction you spin. That shouldn’t matter.

some take longer than others. im a definite example of that man.