How long did it take you to learn?

By learning to ride, I mean being able to make multiple revolutions of the wheel, not just one or something. It took me two summers, but I wasn’t at it everyday. Maybe every third day for 15 minutes or so. I keep hearing reports of people learning in a matter of days or even hours in some cases.

It was summer and I was 16…

…this should really be erotic, but…

…took me two weeks with about an hour of practice a day.

Wait, that wasn’t erotic?

Well, it took me a little more then a week with a little more then an hour of practice a day.

There have already been plenty of threads about this and Klaas Bil has done some great tudies on the subject of learning time - here’s some very interesting stuff… .

I learnt on the 2nd of May, 2002 when I was 16. It took me about 2.5 hours to learn to ride (which is generally accepted as being when you reach the 50m mark).

You’ll like this one…I was at a bike trials competition ‘competing’ on the unicycle the other day and one of the bike guys who’d never learnt to unicycle hopped for as long as he wanted on his second attempt. Before he could ride! This is quite common with bike trials riders. What’s ever more amazing is that after about 30 minutes of practise with hardly any aid at all he could ride it as long as he wanted and did a 50cm drop successfully! He’s going to join the other two of us in the unicycling category of the national trials comp on my unicycle with only 30 minutes of experience! :slight_smile: I was surprised to hear he that he’s not going to compete in it on his bike as he’s really good but he’s been having bike problems apparently or something like that.

Amazing stuff.


i got my uni x-mas of 02, and practiced diligently for 1.5 hours a day on it. for about 2 weeks. then, when i still couldn’t ride the $#@! thing, it sat in my room, collecting dust. then, just 6 weeks ago, i learned to ride the thing in 2 days. go figure. that’s partly the reason im so sick of people saying “practice, practice, practice…” HEY, NEWSFLASH!!! THAT WORKS FOR SOME PEOOLE, BUT FOR US WITH NON-SUPER-HUMAN LEARNING CAPABILITIES, IT AIN’T THAT EASY! whew im ok, im ok…

Sheesh…maybe if had been more dedicated…like 30 minutes a day or something

took me about 3 days of 30-60 minutes of practice.

I think I got multiple revolutions of the wheel on my third day, practicing about an hour a day, but it was five days to a week before I reached the fifty meter mark. I don’t remember exactly. Freemounting took another week or two.

Took me 20 minutes to learn

That’s amazing Peter.

30 minutes per day, riding over 50 meters consistently by day 11

3 or 4 weeks, probably only about 5 or 6 hours over that amount of time tho. i was just a little tyke then and i had zero attention span.


Three days, 2-3 hours per day is what I think it was…

I had the same experience as Andrew with another trials biker. Then, I met a freestyle biker who self mounted and rode 12’ on his first try (on my trials uni, too!). He went over to a pole and mounted with that for his second try and got well over 50m. He then self mounted and rode a figure eight. Two minutes he ahd ridden up a wheelchair ramp and ridden off a curb. He basically broke level 1 in about a minute! He was somewhere around level three by the 15 minute mark. He even hopped up a curb. No wonder he could, though, he was coasting his front wheel of his bike standing on the pega and then doing pirouettes. Clearly he already had the balance. He showed me his favorite trick. He ridesa wheelie on his back wheel and pedals himself into pirouettes. Crazy.

I learned during final exam week, so I studied for an hour unicycled for 10 minutes for an entire week. By the end of the week I could go about 20metres. After another week I could go all the way around my block.

it took me about 1 or two hours, and that was with a bent rim.

Took me ages. I got a uni at Christmas, and put it away for a while since it was too cold out. In March or somewhere, I took it out again, and learned in about a month.

I find that people who bike a lot learn to ride really quickly. Trials/BMX Bikers can often do it instantly, I find.

Haha! Thats exactly how I learned to freemount a giraffe. Except it was more like 30 mins trying to freemount the giraffe per hour of studying (-:.

better than me. I sopent 10 minutes studying for every 30mins learning to freemount the giraffe:D

I don’t really know how long it took me to learn. I’d only ever spent about half an hour on one at my local juggling club, and I’d never read any books on it, or found any sites on the internet, like this one. I think it took about a week, dunno how long i practised for each day though.

2 months, 16 hours of total practice time, I can freemount and ride about 20 meters.

1 hour a day for four days and I could ride 100+ m at a shot