How long did it take you to learn?

I think one thing you might try doing is prioritizing the data of recent learners. Details get quickly lost with time and for those of us that learned decades ago they are often just a wild ass guess, while for someone who learned in the past year they are likely quite accurate.

Thanks for the suggestion. There is probably some truth in that, but we also derive prioritisation from qualifications that people submit, like “8-10 hours”, or “I think about two weeks”.
The other thing with recent versus long-ago learners is that learning methods, youtube tutorials etc have become more ubiquitous and possibly better, and that unicycles have improved from those of long ago (pre-2000). Some old-time learners commented that they took a long time learning on a P.O.S. unicycle, and only got the hang of it when they got a decent unicycle. In other words: there is probably some ‘real’ meaning in a difference between recent and non-recent learners. But we haven’t gotten to the stage yet where we can make such statements with confidence.

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Back when I was new 2.5 years ago, I recorded every attempt I had at learning to ride up to the point where I could ride 100m or so.

Also filled out your form too.

Hello Klaas,
is it possible for me to correct an answer already given?
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Sure Sanne. If you know what you want to correct, mail me at unicyclist (at) xs4all (dot) nl .

Hi, Filled out the questionnaire, long time rider, taught myself to ride as a child. Why? can’t really remember my thought at the time. I haven’t stopped yet.

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I’m responding via a reply to the emailed notification, never tried that before.

Thank you lobbybopster for submitting your answers!



I learned how to ride when I was 15. It took me 7 days to ride the unicycle smoothly without falling off. It took me about 5 more days to learn how to free mount the unicycle.

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My guess/experience with a 50 year break:
1.) 20 - 30 hrs = average first time learning
2.) 5 minutes = average “Re-learning” time.

For basic riding once you learn you don’t forget.

Sort of. I don’t think it took me 50 hours to learn the first time around. Probably more like 30 1/2 hour sessions. The second time I was much taller, much heavier and riding on a 36er, so I couldn’t just get on it and ride. 7 hours might be pretty accurate.

I think the times are going to be all over the board.

In high school, I skated (skateboard). In college I rollerbladed and rock-climbed. Then, in my early 40’s, I bought the family a slack line. I never got good at it, but it may have helped.

In my mid-late 40’s, I had a spinal cord injury. Lost feeling in my hands and feet. Had two surgeries. One year after the surgeries, I learned to ride a 24” Schwinn 100 yards/90 meters. Two days before that is when I learned to ride 50 meters. It took about 8 hours over the course of a month to get it. The key for me was the 24” wheel with 150mm cranks. The 20” was just too “twitchy” for me, and the cranks were too short. And, that’s where the progress stalled.

I could ride 100 yards, and then step off. I could then do it again, and step off, and be breathing really hard. I just could not figure out how people could ride long distances without stopping.

That changed this year for multiple reasons. But, discussing those reasons is not the purpose of this thread. I’ll add them to the “How to ride 800 meters” thread, as I feel they are relevant there.

I added all of the comments above to hopefully add to the learning statistics, as I did not add all of that into the comments section of my survey.

21 hours to learn (an hour day for three weeks). I’ve never needed to relearn as I never stopped

Interesting question about re-learning. It’s not part of current or planned research though. Relearning time will depend very much on the length of the time gap, and also on possibly different unicycle specs (like a larger wheel when relearning), what people did in the mean time, age, etc. And not that many people learn-stop-relearn anyway, I think. Most wil either stick with it, or quit and never come back.

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I will not fill in the form for another person but wanted to share this for inspiration / discouragement (depending on your situation).

Personal observation during this week’s group practice:
A guy in his mid 20’ s in his very first session.
Within one hour he rode the full length of the training ground, close to 100m.
Standard 20" unicycle.

The key to succes:
Leave the support as soon as you can get a few “smooth” revolutions.
Look ahead.
No fear :grinning:

And to top it off he made several free mounts too…
In 6-12 position but he managed to get going.

Good on him! :slight_smile: some people are naturally simply better at it than others, so I’d put him in the natural talent group for me.

:rofl: oh my goodness!

(pronunciation matters :wink: )

I took 2 weeks. I could freemount, but I still couldn’t steer very well. Maybe another 2 weeks before I felt I had proper control. I practiced ¹/2 to an hour a day after work.