How long between stops?

I was just curious how far/ long people out there went while riding between a brake on easy to moderate ground?

I rode in Critical Mass Pittsburgh last week and went the 12-13 mile distance (bit under 2 hrs) (24" wheel gazz tire) non stop it was difficult but the Viscount seat made it feel real nice :smiley:

So how long/ far do you go between breaks?!?

Time is perhaps the indicator rather than distance, oh iron-crotched one. Your two hours in a Viscount saddle is an impressive feat, indeed. I can go the first hour non-stop if I have to but after that I stop more frequently. We went on a 22 mile ride Saturday and stopped constantly but it wasn’t a race against time or each other.

I am wearing a MUni Militia T-Shirt as I type this, by the way. Thanks again for your artistic contribution to the unicycling community. When I wear this shirt I am invincible.

Aint that the truth.

I’m currentlly working on a followup unicycle t-shirt. Just to let you know… I’m not sure if i’ll ever be able to top the Militia shirt though.


Where can I see a pic of this T-shirt? --chirokid–

Perhaps MUni Militia shorts would be a good idea too then.

I can normally go about ten miles (1:45 - 2:00 hours) on my 24 inch Stealth Torker/127’s. I don’t know how much further I could go, but I plan to find out one day.


My personal best is a shade over 20 miles (20.05? 32km) in one go, which took about 1 hour 55. That was on a Coker, Viscount seat, plus handle.

A typical ‘distance ride’ starts with approximately an hour without breaks. After that, breaks get closer and closer together as the day progresss and my crotch deteriorates.

The Viscount and Miyata seem pretty similar for these long stints in the saddle.

<< So how long/ far do you go between breaks?!? >>

I can go up to two hours before the first break, based
on a couple of rides, but my preference is probably
to stop more often. After the first long non-stop
period, the breaks are much more frequent.


Wearing cycling shorts (and a MUni militia shirt) generally doubles the time I can go without stopping, and makes it much nicer. I’ve found that to stop the circulation problem, if I ride one-foot for a while or put all my weight on my KH seat hadle with my arms and lift myself out of the saddle for a few minutes, I can ride much longer without stopping. I’d give you actual numbers, but my breaks generally come with UPD’s.

I am modeling the MUni Militia T-shirt and the Tangerine Dream unicycle HERE! Hopefully someone will provide a photo with higher resolution.

Up to date research on the subject: today’s ride!

Coker, 150mm cranks, Viscount seat, NO handle fitted (it’s on the MUni at the moment!).

Freemounted first time, rode for 1:02.39 covering 9.42 miles (15.16 km) with a top speed of 12mph (19.31kmh). I was never really ‘going for it’; I rode generally smooth but gritty trails, some packed mud, some rough grass, a couple of sections of tarmac. No significant hills.

By the end of the ride, I occasionally noticed seat discomfort, but I didn’t have to lean on the front of the saddle with my hand or anythhing. I just fidgetted a bit. What seat discomfort I had was more chafing than pressure.

My feet tingle a bit after this distance, though, and I have to wiggle my toes and shift my feet on the pedals. (Pinned platform type.)

Saw a kingfisher, which made a nice change.

My road riding is almost all on the way to work, so 8.1 miles. :slight_smile:

BTW, if anyone wants to print this part and keep it for a reference; there seems to be a general confusion on how to spell these two words:

Brake/Brakes – Things that stop you

Break/Breaks – Taking a rest

Maybe it’s because I’m a lightweight, or just the area I live in, but on my version of long distance rides (the 5 mile loop around the lake), I can only go 30 minutes before I need a break. But, that’s on a stock Torker seat. By the end of the ride, I’m standing up to save my crotch any more torture.

Don’t knock it. 5 miles is a fair distance; 30 minutes is a fair amount of saddle time without a UPD. I’d guess that puts you in the top 10% of unicycle owners worldwide.

My personal best is only about 15 minutes at a time. :frowning:

I have only been riding for a few months now and I have what I think I have seen described here as a “foam brick” of a seat.

If I decide to do the gradual replacement approach to unicycle upgrades, a good seat is number 2 or 3 on the list (after frame/bearings and a new tire).

Hmmmmm. So you’ll upgrade the frame, bearings, tyre, seat… This is my grandfather’s axe: my father changed the handle, and I replaced the head.

For a basic unicycle, the best cheap and quick upgrades which will make a real difference to performance are a slightly bigger tyre and grippy platform pedals. Good grippy pedals are worth an extra 10 - 15 mm on your cranks when you’re off road, and worth their weight in gold if your shoes are wet.

Of course, all upgrades can be transferred to a new uni later, but it’s an expensive way of doing it.

My Coker is standard except for a different pair of cranks (same length anyway) and pinned pedals. Occasionally, I swap the seat for one with a MUni handle.

My 28 is standard except for shorter cranks and better pedals, and presently has the Miyata seat and post.

My 24 has a slightly fatter tyre (only 1.95, but quite knobbly), different cranks and better pedals.

It’s only the MUni which has been seriously upgraded, with stronger cranks, much fatter tyre, better pedals, and handle.

The common feature throughout the fleet: the pedals.

On a good day I can go mabey 6-10 miles up and down hills without a break. This takes me about an hour to an hour and a half. My biggest limiting factor is how much water I can carry. The reason is that I have an ultra soft Miyata airseat, and hills all over the city so I’m very rarely sitting with my weight fully in the seat. I did the bay to breakers in about an hour last year too. That was about 7 miles without any UPDs.

Back in 1999 on our first big Coker ride, 44 miles, Bruce and I rode for 11 or 12 miles without stopping - maybe 75 minutes. Lately, I prefer to ride no more than 10 miles without a break. This way, 60 miles or more is no problem. In Norway, we would usually stop every 10km (6 miles). I think we picked that distance because it was easy and easy to measure with our cyclometers on metric.

Last week, Scot Cooper rode the first 37 miles of 100 without a break. But he’s Scot Cooper…


Hey Nathan, how come you use both this name and Nathan Hoover? I noticed that the other one is you as a guest, which I’m guessing means you’re posting from the newsgroup. Why not just use one or the other?
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I prefer the newsgroup, but the gateway is weak and fickle. When it is down I use the web interface - slower and clunkier but it’s the defacto standard as most people use it.


My experience will certainly not be representative of the rest of the above posters but I rode 3 miles day before yesterday and 2.5 miles this evening. Longest segment was 3/4 mile with typical segment close to 1/2. At about 6 miles per hour that’s not really much time between UPDs but I’ve only been at this for 2 months now. I plan on venturing out for a longer ride this next weekend when I have more time.

I post this because all the dismounts were due to fidgetting or sqirming in the seat (viscount) trying to find a spot that wasn’t rubbing me the wrong way. I’ve found I can lift up and reposition myself to some degree. It helps but within a few minutes I’m lifting up again trying to find comfort. I wear cycling shorts and have found that wearing an additional pair of regular shorts over them sometimes helps. Sometimes not. Depends on the style of short.

I know I haven’t been at this for very long but I’m sure that seat comfort, or lack of, is sapping some of the joy. Are there any modifications I can try on the viscount seat? Any comments on gel or sheepskin covers, or something of that nature?

Particulars : Male, 6’ 1", 195 lbs, 24 Torker, Viscount seat.

Have a great day,