How long and how fast?

I was looking at the thread of pictures that people have posted on their unicycle adventures. I am curious about the length of rides and elevation gain. I’ve done a lot of bicycle touring and understand climbing up some really high peak, but I have done it with a wide range of gears. I’m new to unicycling (very green). Looking at the pictures I am wondering how you would climb up a long, steep road without gears. I understand the descent, though it seems it would be quite slow compared to a bike. How fast do most of you typically go when climbing/descending?

Generally when going up hill someone on a 36" unicycle can keep up to or at least try to keep up to (bi)cyclist but on the way down we have no hope of keeping up.

I have only done one ride with a big group of bikers It was a MS bike tour and I finished the ride right around the middle of the pack, keep in mind this was not a race and most riders were not competitive. I generally passed people on the ups and they passed me on the downs. Made it a bit hard to ride with anyone in particular for longer than one hill or a flat section.