How is this uni? Worth the price?

Think “Bedford Quality

I’m sorry I guess I’m too much of a noob to realize that a bedford cotterless is better than a splined uni. :smiley:

Hm, wait. Is bedford really better than a splined? Also, I would have to take into account shipping/handling/duty/othercrapforstuffgoingtocanada…

…any comment?

I guess so. :wink:

What I meant was if you put the two side by side, the craftmanship of the Bedford would be much greater. If you took both off of a 6 foot drop, the DX would not bend and the Bedford probably would. My point was the quality is much greater on the Bedford than the mass produced Torker - I think your definition of quality is skewed. (and my spelling of “skewed” probably is, too. :smiley: )

i guess what I was trying to say was: What would be the better buy? The Torker or the Bedford? Ive heard complaints about torker but not about bedford! What do you guys think?

And what does splined mean, exactly? Other than “stronger”.

Splined has to do with the way the cranks(arms going to the pedals) are mounted to the axle.
Here are a pic of cotterless (square) and splined(jagged) from udc. The hubs on splined uni’s are stronger also…
Basically the square is not as thick and strong and can bend easily compared to the splined.

UniTyler I’m having a hard time understanding what you are saying:
“the craftmanship of the Bedford would be much greater… the DX would not bend and the Bedford probably would.”

ok so you’re saying:
poor craftsmanship makes a stronger uni?
or on the flip side
good craftsmanship makes a weak uni?

someone correct me if im wrong but i dont think you need the 3" tire if your doing XC

You are correct. If you want to do pure XC riding, and still need good control for cutting through crowds of people, then the uni specs that i posted earlier are perfect, in my opinion. If you are riding trails, then you may want a bigger (radius) wheel. The fat tires are for riding muni - through the dirt and mud and over annoyances like rocks and roots - and doing bigger jumps and drops. If you’re just riding, then a thinner tire is recommended. I guess it all depends on the rider and what he wants though. I like what i got for my purpose (riding through pockets of people 8 km to and from work), though. I have a 24x3" KH muni for wilderness riding.

Maybe Eroick needs to better describe what he means by XC.