How is this uni? Worth the price?

Ok, I emailed Darren Bedford and he showed me his recomendation. I think its a good recomendation, but I would like some opinions.

Kris Holm Fusion Gel Seat

Chrome seat post

Alloy 3 Allen Key Clamp

Bedford 3" MUni frame

Alex ALDX32 Doublewall Alloy Downhill rim

4 Taper chrome hub and cotterless cranks

Wellgo black resin platform pedals

24x2.6 Downhill tire

Downhill tube

All for $300 shipped to Ottawa overnight.

So, what do you guys think?

id go splined but if its for xc dont mater

Well, that’s an impressive list of parts, but for that kinda money I hope they come pre-assembled!

Honestly, it looks like an entry-level unicycle. What kinda opinion are you looking for? What kind of riding will you be doing? What do you expect from this uni?

As homeboy Ben said, if you’re doing cross-country riding (i.e. easy muni), this uni will fit the bill.

That’s a very reasonable price. You might want to look into a duro wildlife if you’re gonna be doing really burly muni, it’s 3" wide as opposed to 2.6 and has insasne grip to it. Looks good to me though.

Yes cross country is what i plan to do. And maybe a bit more (some street stuff).

I know splined is probably better, but I am fairly light and dont plan to be doing any drops bigger than a foot or two.

And yes, it is pre assembeled.

darren is a nice guy, ain’t he?

well, yeah. As long as you don’t do any hops over about two feet, you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t even really suggest 2 foot drops, cause that’s about the extreme maximum i’d trust nonsplined to.

A nonsplined uni is only as strong as the rider is skilled. Beginners could probably break one from repeaded 2’ drops and really good riders could probably do 5’+ without damage.

I still have cotterless that are only bent a little inwards from the uni flying around and beating itself up, I have done many two foot drops and have attempted three foot drops and some bigger ones.

If I wanted to, could I later buy a splined hub and put it on?
Also, is it worth an extra $40 CND for a Duro Wildlife DH tire? Its 24x3.

Yes, but a bike shop or wheelbuilder would have to install it by completely rebuilding the wheel, unless you know how to build a wheel.

Yes, yea, yeperoo, yep, yeah, nnn…yes!

You don’t have to already know how to build a wheel in order to do it. Just go through Sheldon Brown’s site and do it step by step. Its not very hard just takes time. I built my own trials wheel in about an hour and I didn’t know anything about doing it when I started.

Here’s a good rule of thumb.

Listen to Darren’s price quote. Smile because you know you’re getting a great (most likely the best) deal.

what website… im thinking of huilding my own BC.

My XC Bedford uni has these parts:
KH saddle (the original puffy ones, not the fusion)
Bedford 26" frame
26x2.1 Street slick tire
Alex DX 26" rim
Suzue hub
Cotterless cranks
Wellgo Alloy pedals

And it costed me something like $310 from Darren about 2 years ago.

I recommend the puffy KH saddle, if you plan to be sitting on it for long periods (30+ mins.) at a time, like i do when i ride to work. I haven’t tried the gel saddle, but the KH fusion that i have on my muni hurts after sitting on it for a while. The puffy KH feels good, even after 45 mins., which is how long it takes me to get to work. Although, perhaps you like the flexibility of the fusion for turning it into an air seat.

I also recommend alloy pedals if you plan to have your feet on the pedals all the time (as opposed to in street riding). I don’t typically like the resins, because my feet aren’t as glued to the pedals, especially if it’s wet or you’re twisting and turning to cut through groups of people downtown here.

If you like the parts that Darren offered you, then, yeah, you should feel pretty confident with that price. It’s what many of us have paid in the past, and what many of us will pay in the future, so welcome to the club. Are you sure it’s over-nite to Ottawa though? My unis usually take just under a week to get here, if i remember correctly. Either way, you’ll have it soon enough.

Well, it looks like Im going to order this uni, as it was in the original specs but with a Duro Wildlife 3 inch tire, cause I’ve heard lots of good and nothing bad about it :). Ill write a review when it arrives! Thanks for all the help guys!

i wish my uni could do that

Never heard of HoverSelfDestructUni? Its all the rage!

dang… how much are they. they sound AWSOME

Use plastic pedals in the rain after grinding down all hope of grip, your uni will fly like there is no tommorrow.

Actualy I think I have fixed the damage I did, either that or it was just in my mind.

You know for $5 more you could get splined…
2006 Torker DX 24" with shipping to Canada it comes up to $265 ($305 Canadian)