How is this stuff not in the X games?

They go big and do crazy flips, which is what people want to see!
I don’t do it, but it almost upsets me that this isn’t more popular.
Because it’s SO TIGHT!!!

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thats crazy, i feel like if a unicyclist and a scooter guy were standing side by side at a skatepark…pretty sure the scooter guy would get beat on. it just looks funny im sorry, its like hes HUGE and hes a tiny bike lol.

insane-o stunts though, madness

Yea, I dont understand why, if these guys are so into scootering they dont ride bigger scooters. Youd think they would rather have something they dont have to cram onto.

thats so good.

how can you say that about a sport when you know how hard it is to get people to believe what you do is a propper sport

This does not apply. If I show up at the skate park with my uni I get a few points and laughs, but as soon as I cankflip the set, grind something, or do a few unipins, the jaws drop. It takes no convincing to get people to believe what I do is a proper sport. Its more common for kids to come up to me and ask if I am pro, or if you can go pro on a uni. Very rarely do they say, thats silly looking. If I were ridding around on a 12" wheeled uni some might say “isnt there a bigger unicycle you could do this with?”.

Now when one of these fellas shows up at the park, granted the ridding in that video was very very good, typically even when they do a flip or two there are still laughs and strange opinions.

I have ridden scooters before, I used to dirt jump 6 and 8 foot tables with them. The thing is I had a scooter with bigger tires and (I feel) one that fit me better.

I am not knocking the effort these fellas put into the sport they do, I just thinkg a bigger scooter would preform better and look a bit more impressive.

EDIT: If they didnt want to get picked on they wouldnt use parts from rollerblades.:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: Most of us ride high end unicycles made for what we do. Micro scooters are sold at K-mart.

Dat stuff is NUTS!!! gives my some serious respect for the scooter…ers??

I’m assuming that is some kind of cheapo store in America, and I can assure you that you would not be able to do any of that stuff on somehing weak and cheap… cheap ones break very easily as I’m sure you’d guess.

I respect anyone that can do things like this.

And given the choice, would you rather be an extreme micro scooter rider, or an extreme unicyclist?

I know what I’d choose…

(micro scooter)

then why the hell are you here? you basically just said scooters are better then unicycles… :angry:

Lol, because what they’re doing is actually insane, and I am not.

you still said you’d rather be scootering, so maybe you should take your unicycle, skrink it down add another wheel and scoot on out of here

That was insane, i don’t think people would give them a hard time about the size, I didn’t even notice untill I red this forum.

Anyway, I’d rather be a sucky unicyclist rather then a extreme scooterist.
I can’t wait for someone to bust a flip on a unicycle, infact, whoever does will become my hero and I’ll be their life subordinate.

Edit: Shame on you jamessd…

Scooters are the gayest extreme sports ever. its a hybrid ffs!! and it puts too many little shits on scooters who get in my way at the skatepark and ask me a million questions about my unicycle, i feel like saying “go read a book u little faggots!” then i moon walk out of there.

bikes are for ppl who cant ride unicycles and scooters are for ppl who cant ride bikes.

bikes are fun.
unicycles are fun.
scooters are fun.
skateboards are fun.




Lol that was a little harsh.

Although I do hate it when people get in the way. ESPECIALLY when you’ve clearly lined up for something, what happens next? someone goes and sits down on whatever you were just about to use… I mean wtf?

But yes, they are all indeedly fun’os


Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but… lets not be a douche here. You ride a unicycle. He rides a micro scooter. We all have our passions, so don’t go pissing on others.

That has to be the most annoying thing a person who you don’t know can do…

Yeah… I remember seeing this vid not so long ago. I also remember seeing this vid:

I guess it is in X-Games…

wow. you guys are close minded.

thats pretty intense. sounds like a sport i might be interested in. i might go out and buy a scooter now.

My lifes devoted to unicycling… soooooo yeah.

there are so many more things you can do on a unicycle, dont go and scooter