how is this set up

Germany…Lots of shipping.

shipping acutally isn’t that bad from germany. for a 24" koxx-one muni wheelset and some other small parts it’s only about $40 shipping.

did you buy frrom them and how much was borber control

border(sp) i know it’s probably wrong but is closer then the one above and it want let me edit it

what cranks would be better for trials. 140 or 125 cranks

I like 140s for trials…They are quick enough but also give alot of torque on the small wheel. And alot more control than 125s too. Great for Skinnies.

ok I’m going with the 140’s

also maybe if i ride with some street riders i might use this uni for street. i would probably only use it for street like 5 to 10 times a year because i’m more of a trials rider

Well then 140s is definately a better choice

also if i can get them would 160 cranks be even better

Noe…Too slow. I40s are excellent ive been riding them for about 3 months now and id never got to anything longer for Trials.

ok i will stick with the 140’s

just thought I would add onto trials_uni, 160 would be absolutly usless for trials it would be soooo slow and your feet would always hit the ground. I ride 145 profiles and if I’m doing a courner somtimes my feet or pedal will hit the ground. I don’t know why I posted this if you already changed your mind, but oh well.

I have almost figured out the final thing. i am going with a full trials uni instead of a street/trials uni because i would hardly ever do street and I am more of a trials type of guy. the only time I would do strret is if i went with a unicyclist or some of my skating friends. I am still thinking of making the lx into a street uni even though i would hardly ever use it. I think a bunch of you were confused at first about what i was going to make because it was going to be a street/trials uni because it would be cheaper but I desided to save up my money and go for the trials because it will be more me, stronger, nicer, look cooler, and all around better. I think at first everyone thought that it was going to be a street/freestyle uni but I have clered everything up I hope

So whats going to be the final setup?

Is there really much difference between a street uni, and a trials uni? Main thing I see are crank lengths.

im still working on the final set up and I should be done tomarrow and if i am I will post it and if I finish it tonight i will put it up here

here is some of it but I am adding a few custom tings like powder coating, stickers, and a few other things

-nimbus gel saddle-udc
-montly trials
-koxx wheel
-primo pedals-udc
-standerd black

as of right now thats it but I could change it because i will be working on it tomarrow morning and stuff. i probably will be working on it up until the day I order everything and have it all put together

is those pedals any good or should I get something else

the pedals arent going to make a huge difference in your riding ability. primo pedals are good, bmx’ers often use them. even some plastic wellgo pedals wouldn’t be terrible, but if you insist on only doing trials, metal-pinned pedals are probably your best bet.

i’ve never had a problem with the plastic pedals on my lx, they’re better for grinding than metal-pinned pedals, too.

well, if it’s really wet out, i have slipped on the plastic ones, but never on the metal-pinned ones.