how is this set up

a few more questions.
1.Would Darren powder coat a frame that is not a bedford
2.can you put any size bearings on any size hub
edit:added a question

  1. Not sure…Email or call him.

  2. No some hubs have special bearing.

more questions
1.would the Kris Holmfusion saddle fit onthe torker stuff.
2.I already have a tube in my seat but i was thinking about getting the air saddle conversion tube and putting in it. If i did and the kris holm fusion saddle cover fit it.
3.If the fusion saddle fits would it be better then the original torker lx seat cover
4.if the fusion saddle don’t fit what is a good cover to get.
5.should I save up and buy it all at once or should i buy it at different types and then gradually have this uni i need a cf seat base I need a front handle renforcer i need a stiffiner plate

thats all the questions for now

  1. Not the LX or CX
  2. Yes it would fit
  3. Nope…Except that you can take it off.
  4. A Miyata cover will fit it.
  5. In my experience saving up is better
  6. Need? No. Is it nice to have? Yes
  7. Nope. But again could be nice to have
  8. If you do have a CF base then no but if your unsing plastic then i highly recomend it.

ok thanks I probably will come up with some more questions later

i got the set up that I “want” so far and i will post it later. as for now i have a few questions are some ways i could make it cheapier but as good as this one or better
2.would it be smart to find me a cheap trials or something until i get the money for this one
3.should i keep the oddeysey(sp) 7k rim and a maxxis maxx daddy tire or should i change it to a alex dx 32 and a maxxis creppy crawler
I think the 7k rim and maxxis maxx daddy would probably be stronger but im not sure

  1. I dont kno your whole setup so i cant help you there.
  2. Well do you want to settle now and have no money later or just bet ur dream uni?
  3. If you want to do street only then get the 7K and a Primo Wall tire or Primo Comet tire not the Max Daddy. If you want to do just trials then get the Alex/Maxxis combo…For a decent mix of Trials and street i recomend the Alex/Luna combo.

cool! since i want to do street and trials on it i am going with the alex rim and the luna tire

where can i get a luna tire at

here is the set up.

-lx air seat
-lx seat post
-lx seat post clamp
-bedford flat crown frame
-alex dx32 rim
-luna tire
-kris holm hub
-kris holm cranks

and a few other things

LX seat post wont fit Bedford frame…You should get a KH seat and a regular 22.2mm post for it. And why an air seat for Street/Trials? A gel seat would be much better.

I am going to get a nimbus gel and a regular seat post. Now that you know may main set up what are some of the ways I could make it cheapier

i have some more questions. the bedford frames have a warrenty
2.what hub and cranks do the bedford wheel set come with
3.does the bedford frame come with a tire and stuff

  1. Nope but theyre super strong…You shouldnt need a warantee
  2. Which wheelset…Theres like 20…
  3. Uhhh…No do you kno someone who does send a tire and stuff with a aframe. id like to talk to them.

ok i messed up.
1.does the bedford wheel set come with a tire
2.the bedford trials wheelset

Bedford wheelset has a cotterless setup unless you get the one thats $360 that one has KH hub and cranks. And im pretty sure that the wheelset does come with a tire but you really should be asking Darren all of these questions. He knos better than i do.

I know. i just like this way better

Okay then

“ok i messed up.
1.does the bedford wheel set come with a tire
2.the bedford trials wheelset”

  1. a wheel set includes a tire so naturally it comes with a tire
  2. the bedford wheel set probably has a cotterless hub and crank set like what you would find on a nimbus trials

if you email bedford and know exactly what you want and he has it he can set it up for you.

I got a whole new set up that is nicer then all of these. It is a trials but that I will use for street because i figured that i would do more trials then I would street. it totaled up to 431.17 and it is really nice. I am getting stuff from udc,danscomp, and I have one question about and it is where are they located