how is this set up

i love this set up and i think it would be graet for street and trials. Tell me what you think. here it is.i have what the part is,cost, and where i would get it from or got it from.

-stock torker lx-$110-from lbs-already on
-qu-ax hub and crank set-$125-from udc
-primo tenderizer pedals-$23-udc
-kommando grind plate-$9.99-danscomp
-kenda kontact 20" x 2.25"-came with lx-bike shop-already own or mongoose 20" x 2.35"-came with my bmx bike-already own or maxxis maxx daddy 20" x 2.25"-$12-danscomp
-14 gauge spokes-$7.99-danscomp

i have a torker lx air seat for it, i would use my lx seat post clamp, my lx rim, and lx seat post.

tell me how it is and give me some suggestions on it. i am also sorry if you can’t understand everything on there.

1 huge problem…The rim. Fand a good 48 hole rim and then it will be alright…but you will definately want to gte a new frame eventually.

I’d get the maxxis hookworm instead if I were you. will this be more for street, for freestyle, or both?

Check out the bearing sizes. I know torker bearings/bearing holders are an odd size. I don’t know what that size is and if its able to be shimmed.

i might go with platsic pedals instead of the primos. I have the Primos and they work great but I ride trials, not street. i do a little freestyle on them (i only have one uni) and they work but they are a little too grippy. if you plan on grinding i would get plastics because grind plates tend to land up for tricks.

i am going to order me a new frame first off and it is going to be a nimbus ll. after i get good I will probably upgrade it to a kris holm or something. i think I will go a head and get a new rim to. that great because i could buy me a seat and seat post and then i would have to unicycles. i would have a torker lx with a different seat and a freestyle/street/trials uni with the lx (air) seat and seat post

Trust me, you wont be needing to upgrade to a KH frame from a Nimbus II frame. Unless your a weight weenie, the Nimbus II frame weighs 2 pounds, the KH, I dont know. But it doesnt matter.

ok thatsa good to here because I like the look of the nimbus ll frame

what rim would anyone suggest for me to use/ where to get it/ how much it cost.

Oddesy Seven K

That one is really expensive. It’s good though.

I might just have to save up some more money for that but first i have a few questions about it.
1.what is the biggest tire it can fit
2.where can i get it at besides danscomp much can it hold up to

I was going to say the alex triple wall supra J rim, but the oddyseey 7k seems alot better.

Any 2.2-2.3 tire will fit it

Your LBS should be able to order it if they dont already have it

Almost anything you can dish to it.

ok. I" think I will save up and git that rim. Also what is the best hub and crank set cominating since is out

ok i have a few more questions.
1.would a kris holm hub and qu-ax cranks be a good huib and crank set much better would the kris holm hub be then the qu-ax big of a tire will fit in the bedford flatcrown frame
3.does the bedford 20"3" frame have a flat crown there any place cheapier then $45 to get a frame powder coated

now I have a few more questions. the bedford frame better then the nimbus 2
2.does anyone have a picture of the bedford flatcrown frame and the bedford 20"3" frame
3.when will the qu-ax hub and crank set be back in stock at udc because i think I will endup getting it. the kris holm cranks better on the kris holm hub then the qu-ax ones are. longer cranks better for pedal grabs
6.what is the best crank arm lengh for trials/street
7.what size bearings fit the bedford frame

ok i think that is all the questions for now if I come up with some more i will post them

  1. Yes

  2. Not sure…Theyre both very strong

  3. 2.5 with lots of clearnce

  4. Yes

  5. Probly not.

  1. Theyre pretty much the same

2.Theyre the same but the 20x3 is wider

  1. Go for it.

  2. I like the ones i have on mine but the Qu-ax ones arevery strong aswell esspecially if you want 127s

  3. Its probly a matter of preference

  4. I like 140s for Trials and 127s for Street so either of those will suit fine for both.

  5. It will fit the 42mm bearings for splined hubs.