how is this set up? $199 $54 $18 $125 $26.40 $41 $6 $23 $19.95
Total 512.35

how does this sound?

buy the kh free ride for the additioinal 8 bucks so you don’t have to assemble it. if you don’t know how to put the rim, hub, and spokes together it cost more than 8 bucks. plus the free ride will be all around better

i’d second that. what about shipping? is the KH cheaper to ship than all that stuff?either way for $8 i’d buy it all put together.

for $8 I would also buy it out together. then when It comes you can go ride instead of building it

Not all of those components will work together.

Extra $8 for a MUCH nicer unicycle, thats stronger, prettyfuler, and lighter? i think yes :roll_eyes:

yeah…That rim and hub are incompatible…Just pay the extra 8 bucks and get the freeride.

You get a better rim, a better hub and cranks, and it will look prettier:D

i thought they were incompatable first thing because i was going to make me a wheelset with that hub and rim a while back and read about it and figured ut I couldn’t use them together