how is this powdercoated frame so cheap?

the regular price to get anything powder coated is something like $40 a part, how then can these frames be powder coated, even en masse and be available for a little less than 1/2 the price?

i love UDC :slight_smile:

Probably because to powdercoat just one frame, you just stick a single one in the oven and let it do it’s thing…but you can spray like ten thousand frames and stick them ALL in an oven at once and so you have ten thousand powdercoated frames for the price of one!!

yeah if you have a massive oven big enought to do it all

not sure on why it is so cheap

when i got my frame purple it was free.
helps when you own all the stuff to begin with though

Exactly, I imagine huge corporations could get big enough ovens.

for 10,000 frames? lets see 2026in
times 10,000
assuming they get the packing into the oven right that is still 24000000 sq in

i want to see that oven

well powder coating is probably cheaper to do or just as cheap as chrome, and i dont know where you go for your powdercoating but i just had my kh drilled rim p coated pearl white and it cost 20bucks australian, so 40 U.S. is way steep

also doing multiple frames would bring cost down compared to a single item.

Oven Size

To torkerdx:

First of all you added an extra zero onto that number and the oven would have to be in cubic inches not square inches. So you are looking at 2400000 cu in. Now that is equal to 1389 cu ft. That would be an oven with the interior dimension of 13.8 ft by 10 ft by 10ft. Not so big by industrial standards.


If it’s that cheap, that means it’s almost guaranteed to be powder coated from the factory. Large-scale production, much, much lower cost. A single frame, which you bring to a powdercoater, requires all hand work to prep and do it, and lots of labor individually applied to that one piece. In the factory it might be as little double the amount of labor, or even less if the factory does lots of powder coating and has a good system.