How is this bc?

Ok I want to start getting into bcing either after or before I upgrade my dx. i also want to make a bcuni out of it to once I can ride the normal bc. It will be a trials bc and here is the setup:


-alex dx32 rim
-unidennis’s bc plates
-mosh freedom 14mm front hub(is this a good hub and will it last)
-maxxis creppy crawler tire
-spokes from a lbs
-built at a lbs


-dx frame
-dx seat
-dx seat post
-the bc wheel

There it is. Tell me how you think it is and how good it is. Thanks

to me, your BC sounds solid.
The DX32 rim is good for unicycling, but i’ve never seen it on a bc. i’m assuming it would work well.

You’ll have to wait for Spencer or Evan on the overall goodness of it, and probably for evan on the BCuni thing.
he’s the only person i’ve ever seen ride a BCuni.

will the bmx hub fit in the dx frame?

i talked to spencer about making the bcuni and he gave me this way that you use unicycle bearingsso that the frame would work. the only problem is I don’t know if it will be wide enough to fit everything because you have to have a unicycle bearing, lock washer, plate, and a nut on each side of the hub

I’ve never rode a bc before, but I wouldn’t imagine that a creepy crawler would be especiallly great for one. maybe a more freestyle-ish ti(/y)re would do better,

wtf is a bc uni

It’s a bc wheel with a frame and seat

how would u hop or anything? cos the wheel would shoot out from under u.

spencer said his BC uni sucked. you couldn’t tuck or anything.

Practice. Search “Bryan Stevens” on google video, he’s insane.

Why thank you.
Just squeeze your feet together, jump and tuck until the tires hitting your butt


quaestions on plates now

ok i didn’t figure i need to make a thread about it since i done had this so here is my questions and stuff.

  1. what plates are better the new nimbus plates the regular bedford plates, or unidennis’s plates does unidennis’s plates compare to bedford.

i think for me that unidennis’s plates would be the best thing for me because they are the best deal and i think they would be good. ok that was all my questions and coments so I’m going to leave it at that

edit: by the way I’m not going to get this wheel to strart out with. i am going to gret one of the ones i found on ebay that is good and that even says you want need another one. i am still going to think about this one for in the futuire and maybe get it if I like bcing and i want to get into it

evan byrne’s plates are a dream if you can get used to short plates. totally unbendable, i can attest to that.

i like Ntappin’s aluminum plates too, i have a pair of those, and they’re super light and great as well.

Unidennis’s are similar to ntappin’s if i remember correctly, and they’re about the same thickness, but i’ve never tried them. I’ve only seen them.

i Made my own BC Plates and just used a bmx wheel-set but the plates are real heavy, but reall un-breakable, i used 8mm steel plate and it weighs a crap load. i need to get out and practise more though

I think smcmorrow bought some of ntappin’s plates (i dont know this because I stalk him im just his cousin) and im pretty sure that he likes them alot.

do they actually sell those plates or are they just plates that they bought and where would you get them?

You get them from me. Strongest, and lightest plates made.

how much are they?

my plates would give yours a run for your money in terms of strength

(considering i basically copied your design, haha)

but mine weigh 500 grams each.

that and i cant find my BC wheel anymore