How is the video working

Is it just me or wont these videos work, i only get sound but the
picture stops after a few seconds
My divx codec works everywhere else

doesn’t work for me either, had the sound off but no picture at all. My divx works every where else also :thinking:

Re: How is the video working

The videos should be fine. They’re encoded with DivX 5.0.3. I used the Pro version for the encoding, but the free version will decode them just fine. The audio is in MP3 format.

Try using the GSpot Codec Information Appliance
<GSpot 2.70a | Software - Digital Digest;
This handy tool will tell you lots of information about how the AVI file was encoded. It will check to see that you have a suitable decoder and are able to successfully decode the video. If there are errors decoding the file it will let you know and may even tell you what the source of the problem is.

You could also try reinstalling DivX. Something may have stomped on the DirectShow files that DivX needs.

If you have ffdshow installed
<ffdshow Rev. 4533 (generic/x64) | Software - Digital Digest;
try unistalling it and then reinstalling DivX. This will help make sure DivX is doing the decoding instead of some other decoder.

Have you tried playing the video with the DivX Player 2.0 that is included with the DivX installation?

If people are having problems playing the DivX encoded files I can see about encoding them with something else. DivX just happens to be the best encoder that I have access to.

I kept the options in the DivX encoder mostly at the defaults. I didn’t play with some of the more fancy features in the hope that keeping it simple would cause fewer problems. I encoded using DivX 5.0.3 Pro. I don’t know if there is something different between older versions of DivX 5 and version 5.0.3 that might be causing these problems.

I’m able to play the video using Windows Media Player 9, DivX Player 2.0, and IrfanView.

The videos worked for me. I had DivX5 but these appear to need the most recent version (or at least higher than what I had). Simply installing the version on the website did the trick.

That GSpot program looks useful, thanks…


Re: How is the video working

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john_childs <> wrote:
)If people are having problems playing the DivX encoded files I can see
)about encoding them with something else. DivX just happens to be the
)best encoder that I have access to.

DivX support on platforms other than Windows seems to be very poor.

I’m still wondering how that utility ended up with the name GSpot. Odd name for a utility.

I thought that any of the previous DivX 5 versions would be able to decode files encoded with 5.0.3. Apparently that may not be the case. Bummer. I’ll have to dig into the support forum to see what’s up with that.

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They have DivX 5 decoders for Mac and Linux available. Do those versions not work well?

What’s a good choice for compressing video that is cross platform, compresses very well, and has good quality?

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For ones you don’t have to pay for, it seems the choice is DivX or DivX. I was looking into this a while back when trying to compress my videos; it seems for a codec that encodes as well as decodes you’ve usually got to pay for it.


I didn’t have DivX installed at all. So I went to, installed the free one (not pro) and everything worked perfectly. (I’m just casting my vote for “don’t change encoders”)

uni57 (Dave)

Re: How is the video working

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)Tom Holub wrote:
)> *
)> DivX support on platforms other than Windows seems to be very poor.
)> -Tomx
)> *
)They have DivX 5 decoders for Mac and Linux available. Do those
)versions not work well?

In my experience, no. I haven’t done extensive testing on Linux (I use
that at work, therefore that’s not the place I tend to download unicycling
videos). On the Mac, I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a correct view of
a DivX movie, no matter what I’ve installed.

)What’s a good choice for compressing video that is cross platform,
)compresses very well, and has good quality?

I haven’t ever done video compression, only viewing, so I can’t really
answer that. mpg and QuickTime seem to work more reliably than AVI or

The video didn’t work on my computer. It would play for about three seconds then the vid would freeze. The audio worked fine. I am running Divx 5.02. Personally, I don’t like divx very much.


Could you try installing the 5.0.3 version of DivX? I think that should make it work.

I didn’t realize that DivX was so picky about what version decodes the file. I thought any of the 5.something versions would be able to decode. Apparently not.

DivX isn’t ideal. It would be better if it was a codec that Windows Media Player automatically downloaded if it needed it. But DivX is free or very cheap for the encoder and it does a very good job of encoding. I was able to compress 5:30 of video into 10MB with impressive video quality. That’s incredible. At higher bitrates DivX makes some very high quality video, but the file size grows.

MPEG1 or MPEG2 is an option, but I’m not aware of any inexpensive encoders and editors for MPEG. The encoders and editors I’ve seen for MPEG are part of $100 video editing programs. I’m able to edit and encode DivX for free or very cheap and DivX does a very good job.

I was in the exact same situation – I had 5.0.2, played video for a second before freezing, audio worked fine. I upgraded to 5.0.3 and now all is well.

It’s a shame that divx isn’t better supported by the big name companies, it’s such a great format.

I downloaded the new version of divx and it worked fine. Thanks for the tips.

By the way, all the videos were great! Excellent exposure for our beloved sport. Although, I don’t think Kris got to where he is today by using :wink:


Yep gotta have the 5.03, that did the trick , thankee. Nice clips as well, definitely worth the download.

Ah, cool.

I did some searching and found an MPEG encoder called TMPGEnc that can encode to MPEG1 or MPEG2. The MPEG2 option works for 30 days. After 30 days you need to spend $48 to use MPEG2. Not as cheap as DivX, but an option. You just feed TMPGEnc an AVI file and out pops an MPEG.

I gave TMPGEnc a try. MPEG1 makes huge files (over 50MB for the Evening Magazine clip). I haven’t tried MPEG2 yet, but there are options in MPEG2 to decrease the bitrate so it should be possible to get small file sizes.

Has anyone on Mac or Linux been able to play the DivX videos I posted? If other platforms are not able to play the videos I’ll consider using MPEG2 for any future videos I make.

John, TMPGEnc is the MPEG1/2 encoder to use. It produces very high quality encoding that is of the correct type to burn into VCD format. The MPEG2 encoding is what is used for DVD.

One problem with this is the size of the file produced.

From what I hear Mac users have moved on to MPEG4, something used in products like TiVo.

There is nothing wrong with using DivX for internet downloads, where the bulk of users will be stuck behind a dialup modem. I chose to use MPEG1 so that I could produce VCDs. When I get a DVD burner, I’ll switch to MPEG2 encoding, but I might just get a hardware card to do the encoding in realtime, TMPGEnc takes a huge amount of time 12x or so to encode.

I just realized that MPEG2 will cause people trying to play them. Windows Media Player won’t play them out of the box. You need to buy a software DVD decoder/player to be able to play MPEG2. Not an ideal option. There are free players that can play MPEG2 like VideoLAN <; but that is not an easy or ideal solution.

I think DivX is still the best option for downloadable video even though some people have been having problems playing the videos. It makes small files, the quality is good, and it is theoretically possible for Mac and Linux users to also play the video.

And I agree, TMPGEnc is SLOW. It took 4x as long to encode the Evening Magazine clip to MPEG1 compared to DivX.