How is the Nimbus 26" Muni?

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The only two unis I own are a 20" qu-ax trials and a Coker. Two extreme ends of the size spectrum, and not much of any use for good off-roading. I want something faster than the 20" but still easily maneuverable because I often ride through dense crowds on-campus, but I also want something that is good for muni. I’ve ridden a 24" before and have an old Torker DX 24" back home with messed up cranks, but I want something juuust a tad bigger.

So back to the title, how is the Nimbus 26er? The link at the top of this post is what I’m referring to, and it seems like a reasonable price for a good-looking uni. It’s annoying how few well-known 26ers there currently are available (does KH even make one now? I couldn’t find one on UDC), but this one looks good.


It’s big, and it goes FAST!

K well, that’s nice, but not a very descriptive review. I have a coker already, which is way bigger and goes way faster. :wink:

KH does have 26’’ parts, but the only avaliable built up KH26 is from UDC NZ at the moment

For some reason KH is not selling a complete KH26, there was a thread about the KH26 a while ago. The KH frame and Rim are avaliable seperately though. Tony built those KH26ers.

I haven’t tried out a 26er though, it is nice how UDC Canada offer multiple upgrades. If you buy it then the KH Fusion Freeride and KH Moments or Nimbus Ventures would be a nice upgrade.

Found it! kh 26

From breifly riding my friends 26" Nimbus, I concluded.

It’s deffinately a tough build, I like the momentum of a 26" Muni, But I still like 24" more. Maneuverability is somewhat of an issue with the bigger wheel, but you should not have too much problems regarding that because you have a Coker, I dont. Yet.

I strongly reccomend this ride, may want to consider a smaller tire, 2.5 and under for cruzing around.

Oh definitely. If I’m reading correctly, the Freeride is a free upgrade, and the Moments are only 53 bucks, which, with shipping and all, is still barely $400. Seems like a good deal to me (though I will have to wait a bit for the money, of course).

I have a Nimbus 26" and love it. I got it because the price was great, and I wanted to go just a bit faster than on my 24". The speed difference is noticeable, and you don’t lose much agility and control with the 26".

However… I got mine when they came with 150’s and a 2.5" downhill tire stock. The 165’s and the 3" tire probably make it feel like a tank. Price is still good though.

I have a 2006 (I think) nimbus 26" Muni, the one before it was upgraded to an ISIS hub and I love it. I upgraded the hub myself to an onza, and it is brilliant. Compared to a 24" Muni, I think it is just as good, and if you want to be able to manouver, just go for big cranks. I have 165mm on mine, which many would class as stupidly big, but it handles better than my best friends 24" Muni.

-Bigger wheel, faster
-More fun (in my opinion)
-Just as controlable with long cranks
-People think my £170 silver nimbus 26" Muni is Waaaayy cooler than my best friends black and red £260 koxx one Muni 24" with “red holes” in the wheel.

-Heavier, harder to jump with (but that’s what a trials is for)
-can sometimes be a bit nasty on smaller off road obstacles like skinny north shore ramps

Please remember that I am completely biased towards owning a 26", so I may have missed some stuff

I picked up a Nimbus 26 muni a few weeks ago w/ 165s. Now I’m pretty much a beginner off road rider so take this for what its worth…

I am comparing it to my nimbus x 24 which I put a 2.5" knobby on and 150mm cranks.

I really love it. It rolls over small obsticles very easily, it climbs way easier than my 24. I’ve probably put 6 hours of solid offroad riding on it in the past week. I have yet to find a weak point for it compared to my 24. I have been riding mostly cross country singletrack, so not a lot of steep downs or drops. My biggest drop has been about a foot and it was like rolling off a curb. I can easily ride over a 6" log, 8" if my cranks are properly lined up. I have done some downhill and it does suprisingly well, in fact better than I have the confidence to ride down. Where I have been riding there is a lot of roots and the 26 does VERY well rolling over them. Everyday I get out and ride I get better and I like it more and more.

It is built very well, the welds look great, the powder coating looks good. The seat is comfortable, I’m used to riding a kh freeride and it’s comparable to the new nimbus seat on the 26.

I almost bought a dedicated 24" Muni and am soooooo glad I decided to buy the Nimbus 26. I have since changed my 24 back to a street/flat ride and do all my skills learning on it.

I bought a second-hand (but in great shape) Nimbus 26er w/ISIS hub and a Gazz Jr tire. I put 165/137 Moments on it and it’s almost exclusively ridden by my 15 year old son, who loves it. He’s never had the cranks off the 137, and can climb great with it. Of course, he’s skinny. And 15. I like that he has no trouble keeping up with me when we ride (I have a slower cadence but ride a 29er).

It’s a solid, high-quality uni. I can recommend, too–Pete sold me 2 KH36ers back in March, and it was an easy process. You may have to pay some duty costs, but in my case, everything still worked out to a much lower price than from UDC-US.

I have a KH24 and a KH26. I’m considering selling the 26 since it feels so close to the 24, except is slightly faster, and a lot lighter of a tire/rim (I used a really light tire, tube and rim). Right now, it also has one of my schlumpf hubs in it. I have ridden it twice for a total of maybe 20 miles. I built it up myself. I would consider selling it for $440, which is way less than what I have in it (new frame, rim, tube, tire, spokes, ungeared KH hub, used seat, new seatpost cut down already, used pedals, used 150mm moment cranks). I’d have to get a new set of spokes cut for it and rebuild the wheel. Let me know if you are interested. I’m planning on riding it a few more times to really get a feel for it and then decide if I’m going to give it up or not. It is super-light, which is nice (even with the geared hub!).

My initial impressions is the 26 is not that different from the 24, except you have a huge array of tire choices with the 26, but the 24 has fatter tire options with the '09 KH frame.


Oh my, that is extremely tempting, corbin…I don’t currently have the money and was planning on saving up for whatever I did end up getting.

I won’t ask you to hold it, but when I do have money, I’ll ask you if you still got it.

I am very much up for purchasing such a uni Corbin.The price sounds very reasonable. PMed.
I take it the frame is the older one which can not take a 3 inch tire?

Not to resurrect the thread, but I’ve got a Nimbus 26…bought it back in '05 (I think). That was before the ISIS hub, and it’s evident to me why they made the switch – I’ve had some problems with cranks coming loose. Anyway, it shipped with a knobby 3-inch tire. I ended up putting shorter (127) cranks on it and just recently replaced the tire with a 2.125 street tire. Love it. Really feel like I can cruise on it now…let my dog run alongside. Just now getting back on after knee surgery earlier this year, but I can avg. 7 mph on a ride and max 11 so far. The Nimbus is a sturdy uni and with the new hub I imagine any woes that I’ve encountered are remedied.