How is the Kris Holm Air Saddle

does anyone think the Kris Holm air saddle is any good and if it is would it be good for trials riding?

You’re sure to get a million different opinions on the seat. One thing I think a lot of people will agree on is that if it is your trials unicycle (as in you only use it for trials and not riding around or muni) an airseat is not necessary. The air sometimes moves around when doing seat out moves. A foam filled seat will give a more solid grip and a better interface with the unicycle.

I bought a Kris Holm Air Saddle about a year ago to use on my 29er. End result, my expensive seat is collecting dust on the shelf. I found it to be extremely uncomfortable because of the way the inner tube shifts and leaves you (me) sitting off center. Then you have lots of air cushion on one side of the seat and no cushion on the other side. My opinion, the Kris Holm Air Saddle is poorly designed.

I don’t think Kris Holm makes an air saddle. The Fusion saddle lends itself to air or other configurations well. Alot of how well an air saddle performs is how well the the tube is packaged. But for trials I like a Viscount saddle.


Also, if you’re doing any seat-in moves and your butt smacks the seat, the inner tube can bounce you right off your uni. Airseats are better for distance riding. Stick to foam / gel for trials.

this may be a silly question: do you need to inflate the air saddle, or can you use it as is?

This is the beauty of the airseat… completely customizable. Put in as much or as little air as you like!

I don’t think it’ll hurt the seat to ride it airless. It might hurt your butt, though.

Another problem with air saddles for trials riding is that the air saddle causes less control and less feedback when doing things like riding skinnies. To balance and ride on a skinny you need hip action on the saddle. Air seats work against you on that.

Air seats are bad for trials and flatland and freestyle. Go with the standard foam or foam+gel saddles for those disciplines.

I still use an air saddle for muni. An air saddle of my design that has the innertube inside a single layer pillow and foam on top. I like the air saddle for muni cause it gives a little suspension effect and make the ride a little bit smoother than a pure foam saddle. But for trials, freestyle, Coker, and other riding I use a foam saddle.

viscount for trials?
i have a viscount on my 24.
i think its comfortable and all but its so wide in the back.
i cant imagine u doing sif trials

I have a KH air and a KH trials seat

It is easy to remove the drawstring cover and mess with the tubes. Stock, they do shift around, it’s not so good stock. I positioned the tubes and duct taped them to the base. I also duct taped a piece of closed cell foam over the tubes, before putting the cover back on. This cheap and fast mod has lasted 6 months or so, keeping it’s shape, where as the stock seat would get misshaped in a day.

I use the air seat on the 36, it’s very nice. I could also see how it would be nice in bumpy muni ride, like John said.

It is very bulky, maybe twice as heavy ( I never weighed them ), as the KH trials seat.

The trials seat is very comfortable IMHO. Maybe it’s because I don’t ride the little uni as long, but comfort has never been a problem riding the 20. So I agree with ^ and say an air seat is overkill on a trials uni, unless you had to ride one 20 miles on a bet or something like that.

I love my viscount for trials, it’s the perfect trials seat. I do seat out trials with it all the time. (but I grip in the skinny center, not the wide back)

w/ a reeder handle, of course.

I like the air seat for long distance but you definately need to do some custom work on it or the tube will shift to one side or the other. Some duct tape and a little ingenuity can solve that. I’ve built or rebuilt three of them so far.

I agree the air seat can get in the way when doing certain tricks since you often need a good hand grip on the saddle. The tube makes it hard to grab the saddle with any real authority. Having said that, the ability for the squishy-ness of the seat to adjust has saved my private parts more than once. :astonished:

Its a definite bummer when you are out ridding and are quite a few miles from home, when your air seat goes flat. That alone will keep me from riding one.

It’s not a problem with a modded seat

With a piece of foam taped over the tubes, I run a bit less then 5 psi. I doubt my gauge reads accurate that low, but it is very low pressure. A flat seems very unlikely, but the bladder is a 20 " tube folded over. So even flat, I would be sitting on 4 tubes, the sock, a piece of foam then the cover. I can’t say I ever rode it flat, but there would still be about an inch of soft stuff to sit on, no emergency.

I think the airseat is an idea who’s time has come and gone.

There used to be a time when unicycle saddles were unusably uncomfortable for long distance cycling. A solution was the folded tube inside the cover. It was better than what was available.

The current KH seats make this type of airseat obsolete. The airseat causes fatigue much faster than a simple KH freeride or even the gel/street saddle.

Flats are actually fairly common, and it does suck when it happens on a ride. It’s happened to me and many whom I know personally.