How is my riding?

Hey i have benn riding for 9 months…How does my riding look? Any advice?

I have to videos clips of me riding here they are:



How high is that box? 12"? I can hop up 13" if I try a couple of times.

I’m at just under 7 months riding, I can do all of that, but I haven’t been riding a lot due to weather.

I’d say you’re doing good.

thanks. buy im only like 4’ 11". the box is 38cm high so i dont know how many inches.

That comes to approx 15", which given your height and experience is pretty damn good.

That comes to approx 15", which given your height and experience is pretty damn good.

any advice or any other comments?

I’ve been ridding since June 06 and the highest I can hop is about 45 cm, as for advice you should just ride more and try using less pre hops :wink:

youre better than me…Thats for sure…Keep up the good work. Do you just ride Trials?

I ride Trials, and starting street. Thanks for the tip for hopping less…

does any one have advice how to hop abit higher?

Push off a bit harder…

Jump height is mainly all practice. There isn’t too much too it when your jumping onto a ledge, so just find a good ledge, or pallets, and start practicing.

I’ve been working on a pedal rev techneke, it addes 5cm on to my hight and I havent practised alot

on rolling hops?
you just push off your back foot… but don’t try it, it comes naturally.

I went for a year doing seat in and got my hop to 25". I switched to SIF and immediately go 1" higher. One month later I did a 32".

Doing SI before going to SIF IMO is better than starting SIF right away. It adds more control, and when you do go to SIF, it feels natural.

To improve hight, having 8 pallets or so is very good. When you have mastered a level of pallets that it feels easy, go on to the next hight and so forth. Remember to practice everyday.

I didn’t watch the movie cause I don’t have the plug in.

Hope that helped!

ya thanks ill start those tips…