how impossible?

Im a decent unicyclist, and considering trying out an impossible wheel. Exactly how impossible are they? Are they really too hard to be much fun? Also, is it practical (since there is no way to keep your momentum up for very long, i assume)?

-Curious Grant

I have been trying to ride one lalely and they are a lot of fun, they are pretty hard but like anything, it takes time. Im conviced I could ride one good if I had platforms instatd of pegs because the pegs move all over.


by practicle, what do you mean? It’s not going to be a very good way to get around, unless you’re only going downhill. but for having fun on, they arent bad at all.

they go an incredible distance on flat ground. usually longer that I have seen a rider ride on it for

I could go from the top of my street to the bottom :smiley: How fast do people go on them? It could get dangerous.

Uniextreme, I consider a Impossible with platforms not to be a Impossible wheel just because it makes it alot easyier, The reason why they have the name Impossible Wheel is because its not the easyiest thing to do.


seems silly if you ask me