How I wish I'd had a camera!

No, not a UPD/crash/bail-out/accident. It was just joy!

My 8 year old is also learning to unicycle and she boasted at school that she had got a uni for her birthday last December. Next month, during Health Week, her teacher and class are now expecting her to give a unicycling demonstration. So we’ve been practicing lots.

As she can go further than the length of the hall she normally rides in, I took her to our local recreation ground, where there is also an expanse of flat concrete to ride on. It was still too short for her!

I told her that unfortunately the world isn’t all smooth flat concrete (it will be soon, though), so she’d better learn to ride on rougher ground. So we went onto the grass around the football pitches. She’d never ridden on grass before.

I also had my uni with me and I didn’t want to trail after her dragging my uni, so I said, “Let’s go together.” She waited for me, ready mounted, holding on to a climbing frame with her other hand out, and ready to move off, while I freemounted a few yards behind to catch her hand.

And we set off together, hand in hand, cycling across the grass, on a nice, hot, sunny day, with nobody to bother us.

A hundred yards together! What a moment to treasure!

Jerry Attrick

thats sounds like a moment you two are gonna remember for a long time

That is truely truely awsome man. Put a big smile on my face thinkin about it.:smiley:
Very sweet

Before we had kids, we had hoped to go hill walking with them as a family. That idea was sunk when our elder daughter wanted a lift in the car round to her friend’s house - all of 100 yards without even needing to cross a road. Previously we had passed her over the fence separating our gardens!

The thought of some physical activity for all the family was nice. So it’s unicycling with one of them, other circus skills with another.


Yes it’s funny how easily your dreams can be crushed by your children. I too had such dreams. Well, actually I’ve even failed to get my husband up any mountains :frowning: . Thank goodness for the circus!

I have a picture on my file cabinet of my oldest son and me holding hands doing a spiral spin; it was taken when he was 8 and had just learned to uni (he’s 16 now). We both have big smiles on our faces. I’m glad my wife was able to capture the joy of that moment.

Now 2 of my 3 boys ride with me, mostly muni. It’s something we’ll share forever!

Thanks for a post that reminded me of how wonderful family activities can be.

What a moment to treasure. Hope you have many many more. :slight_smile:

sweet, treasure it…

That is such an amazing story :slight_smile: I’m sure you will treasure the moment forever.


Thanks for sharing that. You must be very proud.

Neither of my daughters (both superb athletes) showed any inclination to try a uni but I’ll have a grandson/granddaughter soon. Maybe I can introduce the next generation to the sport!

Well, today my daughter did her little demo to the school. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to go, but my wife went just in case she got hurt.

She used the gym wall bars to mount. And a turn around the school hall and picking something off the floor (a tube standing on its end), with a reasonably controlled dismount, elicited at least one “Wow!” from the audience. Her street cred is really on the up now!

All our practising paid off. She’s really confident once she gets going. However, she does need a mobile street light/telegraph pole (i.e. me) to help her get on. But once she’s on, she’s off - if y’all get my meaning!

I said not to worry about trying to freemounting, although she’s fairly good on grass (the wheel digs in a bit and doesn’t roll back too far), but pavements are more tricky. It’ll come.

This is possibly the only sport where I’ll be able to encourage my child to idle!