How I learnt to free mount

Okay, this may have been covered before, but i haven’t found it in the tutorials section. And I think my way is pretty easy.

I just learnt to free mount about 10 minutes ago, so I think I still know what I did. It took me about 3 tries before it worked. (15min.)

First learn to idle… ( this is what I did anyway, this is not included in the 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: )

Then, find a nice soft spot of grass…

  1. Place the seat between your legs, have the peddals horizontal.
  2. Hold on to the handle ( or the front of the seat if no handle )
  3. Jump onto the peddals. ( Sounds realy easy and well…it is. )

If you fall, the grass provide enough friction to prevent the uni from shooting under you and if things realy go bad… well I did tell you to find a soft spot of grass didn’t I? :roll_eyes:

Now, practice this untill you can get on the peddals without falling.

Then, instead of having the seat between your legs, hold it before you but not yet vertical. Again try to jump on the peddals. This shouldnt be very hard if the previous steps worked.
Now, hold the seat vertical and free mount.

When you feel comfortable free mounting on grass, take it to the street and try it there. I recomend first trying it with the seat between you legs. This way you’ll feel how the uni will react on concrete. After an couple of practice mounts you should be able to realy free mount.

The freemount may seem very hard at first, but it’s actualy quite easy. It’s mostly just having the guts to jump up there.

I hope this helps… if anything is unclear, feel free to ask me for a better explanation.

Enjoy !


Hmm, i can’t edit the post anymore so i’ll just post this as an update.

I forgot to mention that it’s realy important to wear shinguards when practicing the free mount.
I kinda found out the hard way…



The “freemount” does not involve any jumping. You’re describing the jump mount.

A proper freemount involves stepping onto the pedal that’s closest to you, sitting in the seat and placing your other foot on the other pedal.

I’d recommend reading dudewithasock’s Journal of a New Unicycler for tips on freemounting.

right, … sorry

Indeed, Maestro8 you’re right. I got kinda confused, i meant to say free jump mount, but the ‘jump’ part ran off.

If anyone knows how i can edit my post so i can change the title please let me know. ( btw. there is no edit button )

I learned rollback mount.

STILL working on static mount. Well, not recently since weather’s been snowy.

jump mounting is what i want to learn next but im scared. before reading this, i did the same thing as you. i just jumped onto the pedals with the seat infront of me but not vertical. my main problem is that my feet dont land at the same time, so its not really fair. its kinda like a regular free mount but starting with SIF