How I fixed my KH air saddle

I hated my KH air saddle and used it only a couple times. The inner tube inside shifts around and the seat becames lop sided. It wobbled around a lot, so it was a bit like learning to juggle on a water bed.
Worst of all, my ass bones would depress the air, causing the seat to stick up into the space my balls wanted to use.
One thing good about this seat is it is designed to be taken apart, no staples
or any damage from messing with it.
This requires a friend to do the taping for you. Take the cover off and hold the lower tube part while your friend duct tapes it in the 2 places not blocking the bolts. Fold down the second half into the perfect spot and hold for taping.
Take a piece of closed cell foam, hold it in position while your friend tapes.
Replace the cover and bumpers.
Ta da ! Now the seat looks and feels perfectly symmetrical. The stiff foam keeps the seat from ballooning up into my private space.
Most important, it is now much more comfortable then my nimbus gell. I would recommend buying one now as long as you realize it needs a little work to make it good.:slight_smile:

nice way to be creative…

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Road test

I just finished riding a KH 24 with the mod air seat for about 6 hrs. today. Very very impressive. I could go about twice as long before I’d start to feel enough pain to think about it. Control was about the same as with the nimbus gell I had used before.
I don’t know how long it will last. My impression is a good long while. I love it !:smiley:

Did you take any photos as you were putting it together? It would be great to actually see what you are describing, thanks.


Sorry about that. I didn’t know the mod would work that well, so I didn’t foresee explaining it.
The work is very simple. The bumpers-handle unbolt. The seat cover drawstring unties and the cover comes off. One minute.
There is 2 obvious places to wrap the duct tape( 4 wraps ), the seatpost and bumper bolts are in the way everywhere else. The inner tube is in a long cloth sleeve(stock) that is taped in an optimized stock position.
I used a piece of closed cell foam from a 2 $ pair of carpenters knee gaurds
from home depot, taped over the air tube.I am sure various other pieces of closed cell foam would work as well. Very little air.
I say just go for it. Duct tape is cheap. To redo the job with different foam wouldn’t take long.
The only real important thing is you must have a helper to tape. You must use 4 hands. :sunglasses:

Photos of KH Air

Attached are photos on what KH air looks like. I am very curious about the mold job.

Fill it with air so you know where to tape the first fold part.

Now fold it and tape again.

Deflate and put cover on.

Cool, it’s great to have pictures

I have the same doubled over sock thing. It all looks the same as your stuff,except my seat cover is all black.
The difference in how I did it, is I taped it in 2 spots, in front of and behind where the seat post bolts on.
Then before replacing the cover I taped on some closed cell foam. This requires use of low air pressure. I just measured it so I could say. Only 4 psi !
I have been using it on my 36 for the last 2 months and about 750 miles. Today was the first time I checked the air, with this low pressure there has been no need to add any. I was waiting for something to come loose so I could work on it and take some pics. But so far it looks as fresh as the day I built it.
Another advantage of the foam on top setup is that flats should be very rare, and not a ride ruiner, as there will still be something soft to sit on even should the tube go flat.

I went from a Torker LX seat to this one. I used to complain about the maxi pads that you sit on on sport bikes. Now I think sport bike cushions are like cadillacs. After a long 2 hour ride on the Torker LX seat (Miyata style), I knew right after I wanted the softest seat available. I am still experimenting with it since I have a freestyle uni. Please upload a pic when you get a chance, i’d like to see how you got yours set up.

How would you do this with the Torker LX seat, because it isn’t made to be taken apart?

I have never tried it with another one

I know you can buy the KH drawstring covers separately. Will it fit well ? By the time you buy the cover and tube, it might seem better to keep the seat you have and buy a new air seat. I don’t know.

The Torker LX seat can be converted to an air seat. The foam is removable. The cover is removable. The Torker LX seat is just like the Miyata seat. Follow the Miyata air seat conversion instructions here: Miyata Air Seat Conversions For Dummies!

Many of the early air seats were Miyatas. Back in the old days we didn’t have KH seats.

One thing to caution about though, especially with the Miyata conversions, is to be very careful about the air pressure when pumping up the seat. It is very easy to pump in too much air and rip the seams of the seat cover. The Miyata seat cover doesn’t have as much volume and not as much give so it is easier to rip the seams on the Miyata cover. If you use a full size floor pump it only takes a few strokes to fill up the seat.

Yes, you can fit the KH Fusion seat cover on a Miyata seat base. But not necessary since you can fit a Miyata seat cover on as well. The KH Fusion cover will have more volume if that’s what you want.

I started w/ a DX seat and anything past 45 min. was very uncomfortable and over 60 pure torture.

Then I got a Nimbus Gel. I could then ride for almost an hour comfortably.

Looking for more comfort I got a KH air seat and taped it like you did. It was a bit squirmy and after a couple of rides its shape had changed completely.

After reinstalling it 3 times, finally w/ about a 1/4 roll of duct tape it was pretty comfortable, but I would bottom out to the seat base going off curbs. So I changed the tire to a 20X2.5 trials tire. I got a digital air presure guage and for me, the ideal presure was 3.5-4.5 psi. This was just about perfect, but there is a bulge down the middle, making me go numb after only 45 min w/o UPDs, rests, or standing up.

My other gripe is, for me its near imposible to get a good enough hold onto it for SIF.

When I get some closed cell foam I’ll add this to the top w/ a bare strip down the middle. And switching for a narrower tube. I think the 2.5" will be overkill w/ the foam.

Problem with air seats, is that they evenly distribute pressure to all points of contact, instead of focusing it to the rear of the seat near your butt, and not the softer parts up front and the perineum.

They work for some, but not all people.

Update: 12" tube

Trick to making it work is to secure ANY flexible area so that it expands in a limited or controled state. That means taping/securing its flex at any point but the rear of the seat.

Today I tried a 12" tube in lieu of the 20" + dog bone sheath. The seat is 1/3 the height now, and I get much more control and faster response. The trade off is that the Cadillac ride is seems to turn into more of sport coupe. Thats just the preliminary test ride. I am going to fidget with it some more.

I can see where 1mm of wetsuit material to wrap it up would make it extremely customizable with some extra comfort on the 12" tube–almost making it seem ideal.

It isn’t for everyone, but for those who are willing to tinker … it can be almost as fun as riding.