How i began Unicycling a week ago.

May 4 i turned 18. All i wanted for my birthday was a unicycle.
and i’ll tell you why.

Here’s what i can do:
-Pogo stick (tricks and everything)
-Stilts (easy as walking)
-Juggling (only 3)
-balloon animals (mostly just dogs)

Thought Unicycling would be a breese. When i awoke on my birthday i received a 24" torker Unicycle that i put together that day.

i’m not sure it was as easy as i thought. My first day i spent just trying to stand on it and get the feel for it. So working on riding the darn thing and getting on unassisted at the same time, today i rode about 50 meters and got on unassisted to ride for about ten.

I think i’m doing pretty good. I’m just glad it didn’t take me months to learn. I’m way to excited to be good for that.

As you’re 18 and seem to be doing fine on your own, I’ll pass on the advice and just welcome you to our midst.

Welcome to the fine world of unicycling and the bizarre one of RSU.

Oh, and happy birthday, too.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Gotta add my welcome here too to a fellow Illinoisian. Just a guess that Q-town may mean Qunicy? Had any tornados lately? We’re about ½ south of Rockford.

Sounds like you’re doing well, even ahead of the game for most normal people. But as Raphael explained, most folks on this board are not normal in one way or the other so you’ll probably fit right in.

Keep us posted of your progress. Oh, and Happy Birthday as well.


Bruce, are you actually suggesting that there are only two ways to not be normal?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I can pogo like 300 times (then i got bored and had proved that its esay)

but tricks?
What can you do?

Pogo tricks?

Like one hand
one foot
No hands (I’ve done it for awhile… kina hurts the knees)
Spin the pogo 180
swich feet over and over like a russian dance
Hop with one leg over the handbars
Bring leg all the way over the handle and back to the peg
use leg to hold handles and bounce with one foot on pegs and one on handles (no hands)
bring both legs off in air and get them back before you land

I’m sure there are more


Not bad ! That is pretty fast learning ! But do you have mountains around there ? It would be cool if you could muni ! But shure welcome !

Mountain or downhill pogo is an interesting thought. I’m sure it’s probably been tried somewhere along the line.

How about pogo stick trials? I got bored and started messing around with that the other day. Managed to hop up 6 pallets. “Pedal grabs” would also be possible on a differently designed pogo stick. I think with a few modifications (such as a much wider base so you don’t sink in to dirt) you could actually have a lot of fun with this. Does anybody know where to get a pogo stick with a spring that is actually stiff enough for a regular person to use?



My thoughts tonight exactly. I think I’d like to get one for Ben and Brad to start messing around with, something more than just a toy. It might be neat to do a freestyle or even a trials demonstration at, say, public show at UNICON someday.

I’ve been doing some Internet surfing and haven’t come up with much so far.


welcome. i’m sure after a while you’ll realize you can fit right in. this is the only place to be weird and in the norm at the same time. that’s what i found, anyway.

weird - to veer from the norm. any librarians want to verify that for me?

normal - to be in the norm. that sounds right…

so less than 5% of the population unicycles. that’s pretty weird.
100% of the rsu.unicyclist community unicycles. now you’re just a regular joe schmoe/john q.

my mechanically minded friends tell me it’s not difficult to make them at all
once u start custom making pogo sticks u can go wild with the spring size and tension

I’m not a librarian but (to paraphrase JJuggle who is a librarian) when has that stopped me?

from <>:

Weird: adjective: strikingly odd or unusual

Klaas Bil

There were loads of pogo sticks around about a year and a half ago that were adult sized. I’ve got one in the cupboard. They’re okay for a bit, but they get boring.

I learnt to do no hands & juggling, hop up / down things etc. but it just wasn’t as good as unicycling. You can do like stick spins and stuff, but they’re way less impressive and way easier to do than uni-spins.

Off-road, you can only do it when it’s really really dry or else it sinks in.

I’ve always been tempted to go down the local golf course and practice offroad pogo sticking on the greens! I never did like golfers.


Re: How i began Unicycling a week ago.

> so less than 5% of the population unicycles. that’s pretty weird.

Around .2%, maybe less.