how high

this is a thread for saying how high you can hop, on average, not the one freak time when you hopped 4 feet, also, you can post the thing that you did on a unicycle that was your greatest accomplishment on it.

and I can hop about 1 foot, but I was having trouble hopping ten inches before I deflated the tire, and it made it soooo much easier.

27-28 seat-in

15 inches consently unless its a bad day

I think if you hop 4 feet one time, chances are it’s not a ‘freak accident.’

anyway, I suck at hopping, and can do maybe 20".

Sure it could be, I’ve coasted unintentionally for like 4 seconds when I took my feet off to dismount, I’ve also done an unintentional crankflip, although I think I landed on my back

well sure, but those are because you’re in the process of falling off but screw up. you can also say you accidentally did a 10 foot drop. but I don’t think it would be very easy to accidentally shoot four feet upwards.

Maybe 4 inches. I don’t have the hang of it.

I posted to help you guys feel really cool, as you should!

My high jump sucks because I only jump 22inches but today I succeed something new to me: squeeze my shoe between the tire and the frame when trying to wheelwalk

Here is a picture

edit: picture too big :frowning:

28 inch

Are you sure? 4 seconds is a long time to unintentionally coast…count it out.

That 27-28" seat in hop posted above is incredible!


I have sometimes but it never ends as it should, I just lean back and as if I’m about to do a jump dismount I pull my feet up and it continues going, my arms flail and I land on my tailbone.

last time i was measureing it was 30-32in on average…other accomplishemts are like… Idid a running jump mount coast, grinded an 8 ft horizontal rail from edge to edge…vert ramps…rode down the Ubehebe Crater…

20" side

22" rolling

i can allso rolling hop up a 3 set.

Ohh tanks for reminding me evan, I can roll hop and side hop up a 3 and sometimes side the 4, i find it easier to side hop up the steps, seat out of course…and i can roll hop about 25in, and i can seat in hop about 22in…

About 18" seat out and about 20" with rolling hop.

a sidehop up onto something i can get 20" but i dont know about rolling. i can get 121cm to the side and im gettin quite god at gilding now but i need a steeper hill

I can do a rolling hop up 30.39215686274509803921568627451" :p(or 77.5cm)… Assuming 2.55cm = 1 inch???

And a approximately 2m rolling hop gap… u do the maths to convert :slight_smile:

hmmm…never done an ‘official’ measure…but I’m in the 30-32" range, and that’s with NO pre-hop.

I’ve never tried to see how high I can roll-hop up something, or over something.

I can hop seat-out about 22" but I can only rolling hop about 12"… how can some of you rolling hop higher than seat-out? Practice, I know, but what is your technique?

I balance myself with the cranks horizontal and standstill until I feel ready, then I bend my knees (this is hopping seat-out), and jump up while holding the side of the seat with my right hand and using my left for balance. I average about 22".

I have trouble roll-hopping because I can’t (<don’t like saying that) seem to hop as my cranks are horizontal :roll_eyes: