How high?

I just started to go off drops two days ago (well, more than a foot anyways) so I am wondering how high other people have gone. I was also wondering how high a drop Torker DX can go off. The rim is double walled, but still looks like junk. One last thing, how do you think my landing is? Here is a vid-

Vid didnt work…

I’ve taken my 24" DX off a 6 foot drop, but it was a very soft sandy landing and rollout, and 5 footers to flat. But be careful to land straight, at moab a guy on a 24" DX did a 3 1/2 foot drop over some rocks and landed sidways, tacoed it. I did the same drop on my DX, landed straight, and was fine.

I have 24" and 20" DX’s, Im hoping to evauntally convert the 20 into a 19" mod trials. Im getting sick of trials on a 2.125" width tire.

Take the DX wheel to a wheel builder to have the spokes all tensioned and you’ll be good. The factory wheel builds on the Torkers are inconsistent and the spokes are not tensioned evenly or as tight as they should be. With the spokes all tensioned correctly the wheel will be stronger. Tell the shop that you’ll be jumping on it and that it needs to be tensioned up so that it can take the abuse.

The stock rim on the DX is not all that great but it’s good enough.

What size DX do you have? If you taco the 24" wheel you’ll find that it is very difficult to find a replacement 24" 48 spoke DH rim in the US. Hopefully USA will be stocking the 48 spoke Halo Combat rim or some other 24" 48 spoke DH rim. The UK shop can get them. If you have a 20" wheel then no problems. There are plenty of BMX rims available with 48 spokes. If you want a 19" trials rim then you’ll have problems again. The UK shop has the 48 spoke Qu-ax trials rim but the US store does not.

I’ve done a little over 5 foot drops to flat on a '03 KH20 with profile hub/crankset. with my old savage uni, I did about 3 foot drops, and bent the cranks just slightly…

ive done some big drops one close to 4 ft and it was on my 05 KH 24" freeride and it didnt do anything, just as long as u land rite.

The dx does drops fine for me…I do over 5 fter on it and it holds up jsut fine, and im almost 170 lbs

I’ve done almost a five foot drop on my '04 KH Trials, onto pavement… as long as you roll out you should be fine. Somehow, give yourself some horizontal velocity - it makes the rollout a LOT easier. Either ride off with moderate speed, and rotate your cranks in the air to the appropriate position for landing, or hop off the drop and push off moderately hard. DON’T just try to go straight down - always try to have some horizontal velocity to aid in rolling out.

I plan on doing an eight foot drop to pavement this summer… a kid I used to skate with landed it on his board… can’t let him show me up :slight_smile: