How high to raise your arms

Sometimes I try to rhythmically swing my arms, holding them slightly lower than a “T” profile (front or back view). But today while trying to counter a tendency to twist (common problem for me) I remembered vids of Kris Holm holding his hands much higher, in more of a “Y.” It seemed to help, having more weight higher like that. Anyone have comments on their experience with the effects of low vs. high arm height?

i think you’ll find that when most people try this they inevitably find their arms starting to make other shapes too… such as ‘m’, and ‘c’, and finally ‘a’.

it’s just one of those mysterious things no one can explain.

You beat me to it!:smiley:

too slow old man. too slow :sunglasses:

to the OP : seriously tho, just try it and see if it helps or not (and post vids so we can laugh… err, critique).

Googling “MCA” to see what sort of sick acronym you’re trying to get me to “air write” while I ride. Nothing found yet but I’m still suspicious! :smiley:

well if you can’t find out and you come across any of the following then ask them and they might be able to point you in the right direction… policeman, indian, cowboy, biker, construction worker, military person. if they can’t help you then really any people from a village should be able to.

if you are still without an answer then… i… i just don’t know what to say.

Why “MCA”? :wink:

lol, well played. well played indeed.

You got my vote for the “answer of the year” contest :smiley:

On topic: For stillstand I think the Y is indeed better than the T shape.

Thank you gentlemen! Your exchange gave me a chuckle this morning.


I’ve been owned! Gamed! Outfoxed!

Forgot to add my “Y” to your MCA.

But no, unlike other times when I have enthusiastically put into practice the invaluable advice of veteran riders in this forum, I refuse to be had by this one. Instead, I will stick to my “Y” arm position, swiveling back and forth as I ride through hill and dale singing show tunes at the top of my voice.

“There is nothing like a KH FRAAAAAME, nothing in the world…”


Depending on what level (and type) of extra control I need, I will go from just doing whatever with my arms to swinging my arms like I’m walking, to the semaphoric “N” , to a “T”, to a “Y”, to a “W”.

I Googled this and didn’t get any sick acronyms, just a rather random "みんなみんな元気ですか?” , or rather, “Everyone, everyone, are you well/energetic?”
Seriously, it was the second result. Look for yourself.
Bloggers are weird.

As for hand positions, I either hold my hand in a natural open palm, a knife position like I’m going to do a karate chop, or the meditative “Ommmmmmm…” hand position.

This is freestyle. For MUni, I’m mostly worried about the varying pressures required to ride bumpy terrain or holding onto the seat handle, unless I’m riding a skinny. On a skinny I hold my arms slightly higher than a “T”, but I’m not sure it quite counts as a “Y”.

I find it odd that I’ve never thought about this before, and yet I know exactly what I do…

Interesting. When I have to concentrate on a tricky section of my route, I find my left hand goes into the “rock and roll horns” like this: \m/

Before rock and roll (before the beginning, back in 1955, when man didn’t know about a rock ‘n’ roll show, and all that jive, the white man had the schmaltz, the black man had the blues, and no one knew what they were going to do) this gesture was used to ward off the evil eye.

Don’t forget to stick out your tongue and bite your lower lip.