How high should the seat be raised?

:thinking: umm im an average sized 12 yr old and i dont know how tall the seat should be raised? should my leg be striat when the pedal is in the 6 oclock postiotion or should it be slightly bent?

For what type of riding? There are so many factors, but it all boils down to personal preference.


Just keep riding, and soon one day it will hit you. “I need my seat lower.” It really depends on you.

For me, I had my seat just at an average size. I started working on rolling hops a lot and seat-in trials, so I lowered the seat a lot for that. I kinda hit a plateau in my static height, and was watching a lot of Ryan Atkins, so I raised my seat pretty high for SIF trials.

Its been all over the place, but I finally found the height I like it at. It doesnt restrict my rolling hops (which I thought it would lol), makes SIF and freestyle a lot more comfortable. But thats just my prefrence.

Im practicing street unicycling…

Well im practicing street unicycling, atm im practicing 180 unispin mounts, 1 foot riding and kick up mount (im very good at them now =]). Once i accomplish my goals, eg. 180 unispin mounts ill ride and start by bunnyhopping then going into a 180 unispin. After that its 360 unispins, then riding on the rail, then crankflips etc… so i am practising street unicycling. rite now when the bottom pedal is at the bottom my knee is bent. So how high should the seat be raised? :thinking:

if your knee is bent your should keep it there but if u want to do freestyle or somethin raise it to around your belly button, or a little lower, but if you feel comfortable where you are right now then keep it there

Here is something you can try and it works…
Measure your inseam and set the height of the seat to your actual inseam. Measure from the bottom of the crank to the middle of the seat, not the top. That would be an ideal position to ride long distance. If you don’t feel comfortable, you sure have a good starting point.