How high have you dropped from?

Title says it all.

foot and a half

on a generic about 10 times

uni has still held up!

I fell off my 6’ giraffe a couple of times.

Oh, and me… 3’6", but I’m about to go try a 4’ in just a couple of minutes.

(3’6" wasn’t any harder than 3’… hmm).

I’ve intentionally dropped maybe 18 inches.
On trails, sometimes I’ve run into obstacles which constitute a drop of maybe two feet or more.

The biggest drop I’ve done so far is just above my cheek. Off a wall. I’m 5’11" so that’s about 5’6" I think.

I’ve done that on both an Onza trials 20" and an Onza muni 24". Both sustained no damage. I’ve done it a few times on each.


Well, sole drippin, it will be 1,5-1,6 meters or so, or 5/6 feet… It really isn’t hard, just hard on the unicycle and actually quite pointless. I find it much more entertaining to jump up an obstacle than down.

My highest drop is somewere around six feet(getting ready to jump off I’d swear its more like 7) I’ve tried it 20+ times and only landed it 3.

Ive done a few 6ftera but its just mindless destruction of oyur uni, I only relaly do drops when theyre in the way, im not gonna get off my uni ot drop something…

Like he said…

I have gone off a foot and a half on a Torker CX, amd it was fine. I have also gone off twice that on a DX, and it is also fine. My trials riding friend (4 foot 7 riding a 16 inch) went of a 18 inch on his little sun, and it is fine.

Do both of those have splined hubs?

I have dropped about 5’ on my trials and I did a picnic table on my 16" sun (it was a long time ago and i was trying to break it so my mom would let me get a new uni:D but it never broke)


He Lies.


Who cares.

Aye, man!

Splined all round!

The Muni is the 2004 “Onza” version, which creaks a bit but is fine.

The Trials is the 2005 “KH/Onza” version, which doesn’t creak and is fine. Although its cranks are getting a bit bent now!


EDIT: While typing that I had forrestunifreak’s:

Who cares ? "

pointing at my message. Most offputting! :slight_smile:

I went off a drop that was around 4 foot. Broke my Sun 20" right in half where the crank connects to the axle. On the spindle? (I tried the drop 3 times before it broke.)

probaly about 4 foot i think but i have never measured it. thats on a 19"(20" trials)

The highest thing i dropped off of (and landed) was this 4 foot electric box. (using 20" onza trials).

I’ve done at least an eight foot drop. The highest I’ve ever done on my unicycle is about a foot. I don’t really have much interest in doing big drops, and I really don’t want to damage my unicycle.