How high do you ride?

I would like to know what height off-road unicyclists put their seat.
I am currently working on hopping and guess that my seat is still too high.
To get a relative measurement that people can easily understand, please submit your “height PERCENTAGE.”

  1. Measure from the center on the axle to the top of the seat.
    (just estimate where the seat would compress to with your weight on it)
  2. Measure with the end of the tape in the crotch, down to the floor
    (please rember to measure WITH riding shoes and shorts on)

measurement 1. [divided by] measurement 2. = height percentage.


  1. My seat height is at 31.5 inches
  2. My inseam is 38" with shoes on

31.5 / 38 = 83%

I am guessing that seat is about 4.5 ft higher than my axle.

See picture

Lets going to calculate it. When i do trials the seat is standing at the lowest point. I have got a 350 mm seatpost, 20 inch wheel. So 10 inch until the axe.

10 inch = 25,4 cm
350 mm = 35 cm
total = 60,4 cm

If i should put the seat on the real hight, it wil come betwean 10 and 15 cm higher, so lets take 12,5 cm.

Trial = 60,4 cm
Freestyle = 72,9 cm
% = 60,4 / 72,9 x 100 % = 82,9 %

So i will come around 80 and 85 percent.


I ride with the seat too high. Basically. I’ve got a suspension post in which the mechanism goes all the way to the bottom, so I can’t cut it down.

Seat height is a very personal thing. Some like theirs extremely low, while others keep theirs near road height on the trail.

The roughness of the terrain can also be a factor. If you’re the kind of person who makes lots of adjustments, you might change it from trail to trail, or even throughout a ride.

In general I’d recommend something like 10% lowering from road to dirt riding. Even lower for Trials. But for the most part, experiment with different heights and find what works best for you. Don’t rely too much on other peoples’ settings.