How high did I jump?

Ok so I was riding around in my drive way today, to set up the scene, we have two concrete steps leading up to our door, the total height is 18" and the total width is 13" So I used my awesome math skills and found the distance of the hypotenuse which is roughly 22.2".

So my question: Is this considered jumping 18" or 22.2"?

P.S. I finally mustered up enough courage to jump off a picnic table onto concrete. <And I landed it :sunglasses: .

:edit. Whoops I forgot to mention I did manage to get jump up them:).

If you want to know how high, then it’s obviously 18".

So you don’t take the width into account it’s strictly vertical height?

Well, not if you measure the height of the jump.

You could say that you jumped 18" vertically and 13" horizontally, but usually people just leave out the horizontal one, because it rarely matters that much. You can still mention it if you want, of course.

Thats pretty much what I figured but I found the jump much more difficult then onto a picnic table bench which is only 1/2" lower so I thought I’d ask.

It also depends on the style of jumping. I suppose a rolling hop would be of about equal difficulty for both of them, but a sideways hop would be more difficult with the steps, because you’d be able to stand right next to the bench for it, but would have to jump over the lower step and so clear more horizontal distance. It all depends.

You jumped 33! (18" height + 13" width +two steps)

It was a sidehop.

Exactly what I was thinking :D:D:D:D:D

Yay for maths!

The height is still 18". If you gapped 1.4 metres and unto a curb, you wouldn’t say that you jumped higher than Ryan Atkins.

Excellent point.

Did you say that because he added them wrong?

That and because the addition is completely meaningless. Your hypothenuse approach was correct and made sense in terms of displacement, his calculation just gives a completely irrelevant and meaningless number.

Btw, congratz on the hop.

Well I thought it was hilarious especially because the picnic tables around my house are 29" high. So by his math I own those picnic tables :D.

Didn’t ryan atkins have videos posted on I can’t seem to find them. And when I try and look at his gallery here it won’t open. :frowning:

Check out Kris Holm website, sponsored riders section.

You jumped 18" like every is saying. When you get into rolling a good form is jumping from a spot as far back as the object is high. 34" tall, jump 34" back.

-Shaun Johanneson

Right now I can only rolling hop 9".

And I already knew that, but thanks anyways.

You could just say that you jumped up a set that was 18" high. Then people would know that you must have jumped side-ways too. If it wasn’t a set you would say a ledge and people would know what you were talking about.

ok, so i dropped 9’ (not really, keeping the math easy)
no wait, that was down a set so that would be another 12’ over, and on the thought I jumped 15 feet WOOOOH YEAHHHHH
just kidding

sorry, but it is how HIGH or FAR the gap is, not both unless it is like 3’ high and 5’ over or something, but then you would have to be ryan atkins to get it.

it only matters on both of them when it is stupidly hard(for most people) to get that far and that high, but you do both at the same time, and even then, you say I jumped 3’ high and 5’ over. hypotenuses take TOO MUCH math and it makes you seem like a nerd.

just a thought.