How High Can YOU Drop?

sigh get it right Evan.

ok, i’ve done a 6’er i think,
but like many above, i see no reason to go higher.

5 feet ish, haha.

Sorry I love math and physics and this is bothering me slightly, but it’s probably not a great thing to say since i’m hated by so many already but…

2 seconds air time = 96 feet

-Shaun Johanneson

Howd you figure?

its simple math.

the distance traveled in a given time under a given acceleration (ie, gravity) is given by:


therefore, with g equal to the constant acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m*s^-2) and time (t) equal to 2,

d=19.62 meters

or, in US Standard units,

d=64.37 feet.

so, in fact, shaun was wrong.

reversing the equation for time gives


therefore, 96 feet (29.2608 meter) would result in

t=5.96 seconds fall time.

oh yeah, i have done like 4 feet drops max. i could do more but everything around is either too high or too low

Even more simple way, is its 32ft per second fall rate, 32x2 64.

If you want to get the fun of the fall, with little fear, and little possible pain, Do it to sand, its sooo fun. The wheel just sinks like 4" and the wheel wont shoot, and you dont get sprained ankles.

not quite. fall rates are actually acceleration rates. the acceleration rate is about 32 feet per second squared, which is the critical part. every second, the object falls about 32 feet/second faster. it only works that way for 1 and 2 second falls, but will fail beyond that.

doing drops into a foam pit would be even better:)

but wont the sand ruin the bearings and such if it gets inside? thats what ive heard.

Nah, With sand you can ride away. Its not completly cheating like a foam pit.

I suppose it will decrease the life of your bearings by a little, but most of it grinds out after a week or so. Deffinatly worth it.

ah, ok, your way should only work for 1 second falls, but i figured out why it worked for 2 second falls. it cause by multiplying the full acceleration rate by 2, instead of half the rate, as specified by the formula, you effectively multiplied by 4, the square of 2, the number of seconds required. just a coicidence really.

I have done 8’ but I almost broke my uni doing it…

hey! goats! havent seen you in a while

Watcha’ up to ice?

chillen (pun intended)

not much

About 4 feet.:stuck_out_tongue: