How High Can YOU Drop?

ok, now im just curious, but i wanna know what size of drops people are landing now. I just started to land 6 footers and i want to go onto 7’s but i dont know if the KH hub is strong enough.

ive done a 4 foot on my torker LX, (bent cranks really bad)

About three feet.

highest I’ve done is about 5.5’

3-4ft but ive only been riding 2-3 months

3 ft. but I have only been riding 1 month

4 feet… no real reason to go any higher…


I’ve only tried (and made) 6 feet.

Yeah, 4-5 foot. Dumb to go higher cause all you do is ruin your unicycle (or your body).


7ish into sand.

that was cool:) you got like 2 seconds of hang time :astonished:

Sigh No I didn’t. Not even close. Fall rate is 32ft pre second squared. 7 Is close to a quarter of 32, So less than a quarter second air time.

I would have to do a 64ft drop to get 2 seconds air time.

Get it right Miles.

But yeah, it felt like a lot, it was fun.

about 786,329,101 feet. first try…

My bad, its around .6 airtime for a 7ft drop, Not a quarter.

i did a 12 foot 3 inch on to a tire… i dont know if that counts or not… but if not i have done a real 8 foot 4 on to a parking lot.

I mostly just do 768 foot drops.

ehh 4 -4.5 feet

Like 3. I suck.

like… 5 ish…

I can do six feet. I have never went or felt the need to go higher in any situation.