how heavy is your uni

the title sez it all

my custom trials uni weighs 11.5 pounds :sunglasses:

Dang. What are the specs?

k1 wheelset with creepy crawler, no name peadles, nimbus 2 frame, and torker lx air seat (lol)

Mines 15.25 Pounds.

Torker DX Trials, Jim Cielencki Aluminum Pedals, KH Fusion Seat Cover chopped foam.

about 10.3 kgs (22.7 pounds)

Mine is about 6.2kg.


About 14 lbs

10 kg

Geared Coker

haven’t weighed it yet, but my custom 28er is 14lbs or less.


Basicly a kh20 with profiles and cf seat

between 5,2 and 5,4 kg

I’m using the koxx african black setup

Mines round 16 pounds, (i am going to add a whole bunch of weight that i can unatatch and attatch for training to jump higher!).

I have a 2007 24" Torker DX, Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard 26 x 3.0 DH Tire, and Duro 24 x 3.0 Heavy-weight Tube being sent to me from UDC right now. How much will all of that weigh?

I hope that was a typo for your sake! :slight_smile:

I think only the Gazzalodi is too wide?

oops, I meant 24" x 3.0".

14.1 lbs.

KH 24" MUni & 29" XC

My '05 24" KH frame with '04 KH hub/cranks and Magura brakes is 13.99 pounds on my local bike shop digital scale. Pics on the MUni Setups Gallery thread.

My '05 KH 29" XC is 11.6 pounds without the Magura brakes.

I did a bunch of work on them to get them down to that weight! I have an even lighter weight 26" MUni in the dreaming / planning stage!

I think you should also say what type of uni yours is because if i say that i have a 7 lb uni you would all be amazed until some one finally found out it was a BC or 12" uni.

So mine weighs some where around 12 lbs to 13 lbs
20" luna
try all rim
KH 07 frame
KH seatpost and clamp
KH Onza Cranks
KH street carbon fiber seat
Jim Cs