How heavy is your 26" muni ?


how heavy (or light) is your municycle - 26" ? Is 6.5 Kg to much for a municycle ?
Thank you for answers…


when i had my Profile 26inch together it was like 18+ pounds most of that was the Gazz tire,DH tube and the Sun dbl. wide rim.its unreal how heavy a MUni can get.

I’ve got a 26" Hunter with a profile set up, Alex rim with 3" Gazz and Magura brakes. I weighed it the other day with a digital fish scale and it settled at 17 lbs.

Pashley Muni 26 with 150mm cranks, platform pedals, bottle cage and trip computer, and wearing a 26 x 1.95 Michelin Wildgripper weighs 1 stone 0.8 pounds = 6.8 Kg.

Less if clean. :wink:

You’ve got me all intrigued now as to how much mine weigh, but I’ve no way to find out.

<heads off to buy loads of 1kg bags of sugar and find a plank>

Phil, just me

I know I’ve ridden a 26" muni that was about the same weight as my 20" torker. Mabye lighter (well, thats what it felt like) I’m not sure of the exact weight, but it sure was light!

Wow! I had no idea how much weight I was pushing until this thread popped up. The Sem 26 XL weighs only 15 lbs with a Kujo DH, but while I had the scale out, I hoisted the unibike onto it with a crane.
25 lbs!!! It’s time to trim down a bit.

Thank for the answer’s. After my calculation I will get a 26" unicycle with a weight under 7Kg. I hope it’ll be reality :slight_smile: