How have you been preparing yourself for CMW?

The best Muni weekend ever.

I’ve been rding at least 20 miles week on trails, and working on some wicked shirt designs.

Catboy Muni Weekend, now I get it!

California Muni Weekend one would assume, sound great but I live in NZ and got no more moneys right now

I think I am doing the opposite of what I should do to prepare. I should be riding a lot to get in shape, instead I am not riding at all…

I haven’t been prepping much on the Muni side of things… I ride maybe 5 miles of muni every other weekend… although I’ve been doing mad trials practice… 4-6 hrs. a week.

Yeah, I’ll be sucking wind the whole weekend. Cardio fitness is not my bag.

Yeah, at least you’s can go to CMW. I’m stuck here 1000 miles away and want to go badly. Oh well, I’ll be the one to get everything ready for the Moab Mune Fest 8 months early:o

Me too. I’ve been trying to prepare the event, but as for myself I haven’t been on a unicycle since the last day of Unicon…

Yes, CMW doesn’t mean anything to people if they don’t already know about it. Not everybody reads every thread in here. California Mountain Unicycle Weekend (the original) 2006 MUni Weekend
Please try to use the full name, or at least CA MUni Weekend and include the link so people can go straight to the info. Maps and directions to follow (on the site)!

nothing much, just the weekly muni ride and some trials and street.

Hey John Foss, I am prepared for Ca. muni weekend ( although I can only make it to Sundays ride) I have been riding hard everyday and when time is not an issue I have been rideing 16 miles to work and getting in a good XC ride every weekend and a couple rides up in Auburn on top of my nightly 4-5 mile ride with my dog and “NOW” I still wont say I can keep up with you when you get movin but I dont think I will be slowing you down anymore

Dude, you wanna do some Coker rides at Folsom Lake? Rob’s down, when he gets back next week.

Let me know…



I’ve been preparing for CMW by getting my Magura brake back in order. Apparently, it’s a great idea for Downievil. This is a great reason for everyone that’s coming to splurge and buy a brake.

I have been preparing for the weekend by working on my hot tub lounging technique, beer drinking, food eating, and muni riding. Cause that’s what I’m going to be doing that weekend. Only not in California or Nevada.

No CA/Nevada Muni Weekend for me this year. But I’ll still have fun.


I was gonna ride northstar, but noooooo…
they had to be closed, so my training calendar went to rot…
so i’ve been riding lloyds trail and just riding around a lot with the johnsons lately.

tomorrow i’m going out up to Hawks Peak, or sundance hut.

Well im trying tp prepare by knowing any details about it lol. Im having a hella hard time finding out the exact dates locastions and how to register…There needs to be an official CMW thread made lol. Well im getting ready by working out more riding everyday, and swimming laps(not sure why that would help though) But I should be riding more muni. Ive nbeen riding my 20 in alot more since I just got a new koxx and im having to use the seat post from my 24in to ride it so i havnt ridin the muni for a week or two…

Took me about 20 seconds. :slight_smile:

I’m still not sure I’m going to make it yet, but I generally keep myself fit enough that I could do one 3-4 hour ride a week. So, to prep for three epic days of riding, I’ll probably do a bunch of riding two weeks before and then ease off for a couple days prior. Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of technique more than anything else–things like stopping and hopping with either foot forward and descending smoothly.

It’s always tough for me to find time to train during the summer, but I’ve been managing to do about one significant ride each weekend. This weekend I hope to have time to do one small ride and one big ride, to check out my recovery time. I’m also busy promoting the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival (which is the weekend after CMW), so I have a couple of parades in September; I’m hoping to get people together for rides after those.

With Downieville being on Friday, there are going to be a lot of very sore legs on the Saturday and Sunday rides. Last time I did Downieville my legs were so sore that evening and the next day that walking was uncomfortable.

One smart way to prepare would be to have a masseuse or masseur at the bottom to give you a good leg massage immediately after the ride.

Filling the hydration pack with Gatorade instead of water and taking a few salt (electrolyte) tablets along may also help.

JC, you are as always the man. Guess this is a throw-down, means that Marie and I better get our Ride 'N Feed act together.

Since we won’t be able to replicate the Lloyd’s Street Competition at CMW, we will again re-create the “Harper Memorial Least Stable Trials Obstacle” competition. Still waiting to see if anyone can beat the original submission. Don’t forget to click “Next”.

I typed “MUni Weekend 2006” into Google just now and it was the first two hits. Interestingly, someone has asked this basic question on every MUni Weekend thread other than the “official” one I started first (with the URL in it). :slight_smile:

Swimming, or any other form of working out, especially aerobic, will help your cardio-vascular fitness. I need to do some of that too…

I havent ridin much but I am going to minosota for a week on wenesday so im trying to hook up with the twincitys club for some muni