how hard would 20 miles be?

If it’s 20 miles, it’s a one off, and people who don’t ride their bikes often are doing it, don’t worry about your unicycle, just ride the 24 with 150mm cranks or whatever you’ve got on it. No point doing things like buying new unicycles just for one ride. You’ll probably find there are some people riding as slow as you anyway.

Just don’t forget to eat lots of cake and drink lots of water and like you said try riding some distance beforehand, I usually aim to have already done a test ride for half the distance of any silly ride i plan.


i just got back from the 20 mile ride…i am so sore i cant balance on my unicycle any more …but thanks for you support it has been done and i wasnt that far behind much most of the time i was in the middle of the “pack” but other times ppl were ahead of me by about 20 yards

it was fun and i would do it again but not right now i cant even get on it

Congratz!!! how many times did you get off for a little break? or did you just get on and not get off until it was over?

i took a lunch break but thats about it

=p i would of probably had to stop for a couple of lunch breaks, like right now sounds like a good time to grab something to eat, i think ill get some left-overs from last night lol

You’ll be fine.

I had much more fun riding riding to work (about 17km each way) on my 24"/140mm cranks last year than anything bigger. It’s much nicer to spin a low gear fast than to use a bigger gear anyway.

Before my Coker I was riding 26"/170’s on my favourite bike route (30km to the beach and back) and although it’s much slower as a percentage difference compared to a big wheel, you’re looking at only 20-30 min difference for the whole ride.

Or put it another way, a 24"/150 should be about as fast as someone can comfortably run, and you’ll feel a lot less sore afterwards. 20miles is about 3/4 of a marathon distance.

it will definately be do-able on a 24, but get short cranks. get the best seat you can too.

if to do get tired, you could skitch of the back of some ones bike, and glide it the rest of the way

Great job! I’ve been trying to up my mileage but have been having to bail at around 7 do to (ahem) “gooch” pain. (enough so that I was seriously considering raiding the diaper rash ointment stash) After the ride I was left feeling frustrated because I felt that I still had plenty of legs left but I simply could not stay in the saddle any longer. I wanted longer rides.

Last Sunday I peeled the cover off my Onza seat and dug a channel out from nose to back then put it back together. On my next ride I was able to complete a 10 mile ride with only minor discomfort occuring toward the end. Eureka!

This morning I took the seat back apart and shaved some more thickness off the nose portion and dug the trench a little deeper and wider based off my previous experience. I hope to complete 3 of my 5 mile loops today. It should be about 29 F. when I start which is basically an Ice Age here in Texas. :astonished:

We have a 27 mile loop out here that I used to train on with my bike. I want to be able to complete that loop by the beginning of summer. That’s my near term goal.

i am going 2 have 2 get used 2 long distances if i ever want 2 commute 2 work…
its the next morning after the 20 miles my legs arnt as sore as yesturday but my lower back screams with agony…it puts in perspective how out of shape i am …im thinking about starting next week doing 10 miles aday and when i can do that comfortable up it 2 15 and so on