How hard presure should be in a tyre?

So how hard presure should be in my tire? Im gona try to learn jumping.
Is there any differences between TRIAL tyre and ordinary one?

As much pressure as it takes your hands to use the mouse and keyboard to search and obtain the required data without starting another thread when there is an abundance of info on such a topic on the forums already.

i’m sure the search function can bring up thousands of posts just like yours as well, so why don’t you use the search to find those since you are so accustomed to it.

ordinary tires should be hard… usually a few psi shy of max recommended… i have one that says 30psi and another that says 120psi (i fill it up to 60 or so, that’s plenty for it to be rock hard…
trials tires… soft, but not too soft(you don’t want the rim banging on things)… don’t ask specifics, or even more specific ranges, nobody but yourself can decide that one… but i will tell you it will be 15-30 PSI for a trials tire… and if thats what you are looking for, change it and figure out what you like, don’t let ppl influence that one.

A simple search, looking for tire pressure and psi, showing threads with more than 5 replies. You might also find more results spelling tire the other way (tyre).

Short answer:
Enough to keep your rim off the ground

Detailed answer:
Basically, enough to keep your rim off the ground.

There are no numbers for this, because it depends on your weight, tire size and width, and other factors. So just keep your rim off the ground and you’re fine.

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For trials, I adjust my PSI to get a good bounce out of my tire when I jump but still enough to keep the rim from bottoming out. Mess around with it.

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Thanks, for all those who answered to my question.