how good is the KH saddle with trials?

In that case, never mind. As a matter of fact, since it’s not that bad, could there be a neon pink option? Or not, doesn’t matter. I agree that white would be cool, since then you could put your own prints on it. Too bad I can’t just bleach it, since it’s not a natural fiber. Whatever. I’m more concerned with the quality. How to the generations’ weight compare?

As I said I can do black, blue, grey, yellow, orange, red or green, not white or neon pink as far as I know.

Regarding weight:

They’ve gotten slightly heavier, because the most recent versions are reinforced more strongly (thicker metal plate, thicker plastic in the seat frame). That said, it’s not enough to notice when you are riding and I’d rather have a slight bit more weight and end up with a stronger saddle!


I think you said the handle was going to be different, why?? I like it just the way it is. so is it going to be changed?

The overall shape will be the same- I like it too.

The only change will be that the lip at the front will be thicker and more rounded, to be more comfortable when you are pulling up hard on the handle.


A lot of us would, but Kris and Norco have to bend to the will of the other 99.x% of the market for these saddles. You always have to strike a balance between satisfying the “power users” who don’t care much about price, and the far more numerous “everybody else” users who are very price-sensitive.

well i hope they come out soon, Im looking forward to it!!
( please make a green and orange saddle)

Guys, no problem with whatever color seat you desire. Kris posted that the new seats will come with REMOVEABLE covers. If you want some designer (or wierdo pink) cover, just take the stock cover to your local upholster shop and have them stitch you up your perfect cover.

Problem solved!

Keeping this thread on topic: I just got at new KH seat from this past weekend. I had Bugman haul it from Atlanta to Memphis for me. I love it. I put in on my new Summit Trials Uni. Ahhhh, it feels so much better than the stock Viscount seat. :slight_smile: --chirokid–

Keeping the thread off topic: ive only actually ridden on a kh saddle for about 10 total minutes. i dont remember how much it hurt, but a future one should have a comfortable rubber piece in the back where you hold to hop seat out.

I thought they’d get heavier… But I realy don’t mind. I ride with Mike Middleton, and he’s snapped the metal plate in three of the KH seats, and has had to go CF. But I would love to see a bit more weight if it adds rigidity.

As for the colors, just joking, although white would be kinda cool, I was happy already when I saw all the variety available. I was originally expecting Miyata colors when the KH saddle first came out.

I have the 2003 kris holm seat, I think it’s just about the best seat you could buy, but this new saddle sounds alot better, if possible.

woah this forum is old, haha i can probably buy this saddle right now if a wanted.

stupid me