how good is the KH saddle with trials?

Im getting a 20" trials uni but based on the KH saddle on my muni it doesnt sem like a good out in front saddle. Is the miayta or the Torker LX saddles best for out in front hopping? and does the torker LX saddle fit a regular rectangle shaped seat post, lets say like a KH seatpost? please help me!? :thinking:

i use the kh. while many do prefer the miyata, the kh works great once you get used to it.

ya, totally. i use the KH also, it works awesome for trials.

I haven’t had any problems with the KH saddle.

mmmm… well I must be the only one or else you guys are messin with me, either or.

Alright, time for the first real review.

I ride the KH saddle seat out trials abot 2 hours a day 6 days a week. Just yesterday I spent a good six hours riding trials on my Onza with a KH saddle. My hands have been callused from the cloth gripping my skin, and it can kinda hurt when I grip the saddle somethimes because of this. The problem with the KH saddle for seat out compared to the miyata and torker LX saddles is is that the KH saddle is gripped from the third knuckle rather than between the first and second. This makes falling seat out kinda painful. When you end up pulling hard on the saddle it pinches the skin and hurts sometimes (really teaches to have a relaxed grip, though), although otherwise it’s a perfectly satisfactory ride. My saddle is grey, and i have a glove mark on one side from dirt rubbing from the glove to the seat, to give you an idea of how much I ride.

unless you modify your miyata, hopping seat out is infinitely more painful than the kh. even when the seat is modified, it is still just as comfortable than the kh. i ride both seats.

Keep in mind that the newer generation KH seats have a nicer lip on the side of the seat for hopping. I couldn’t stand the first generation seats for seat in front, but I’d considering a newer model if my Miyata ever fails.


Well I dont know what saddle I have (newer or older) My old KH saddle is yellow and I got it near the beginning of last year. now my new one is grey and says axiom on the front( what does that mean anyway? ) so which is newer??

Axiom is Norco’s house brand of components.

Norco distributes the Velo seats (on the KH unicycles they sell, not sure if they sell just the seats), so they rebadge it with Axiom on it. They do not make the seat, neither does…but if you get the seat from, chances are it says, not axiom.

It may be something more than just distributing them, that puts their name on it, but it’s something like that.

On comfort…the KH saddle sure took some getting used to (having done trials a lot with a miyata), for doing trials on, with the back of the saddle being so large, but you get used to it after a few rides, and it is very comfortable.

Good point. I got to ride Kris’s muni at moab, and the seat is much nicer than the last generation of them. Just a request, though. Is it possible to begin putting labels on the seats to identify what generation they are? I hate trying to figure it out.

Now there’s an idea, you should e-mail it to Kris. Or maybe he’ll just see this?

Good point- maybe I should do that! The next generation (not available yet) of saddles will be easy to recognize though because the will have removeable covers.

Here’s a brief history on this saddle:

In 2000 (before Kris Holm Unicycles officially existed) I approached Norco, trying to find someone to make a good unicycle saddle. They weren’t interested due to the perception, as always, that unicycling was too small to warrant any investment in product. After a year of bugging them, the President of Norco finally introduced me to Velo at the 2001 Interbike Tradeshow in Las Vegas. They weren’t too interested either, but after another year of persuasion, they were convinced to look at some drawings of what I wanted, and Norco invested in the necessary molds to make the saddle.

On the first prototypes and initial production models, I provided feedback to Norco who then forwarded changes to Velo, and so on. It was confusing and inefficient, but for the first time ever, there was ongoing time and money being invested into making a good production unicycle saddle.

Finally, mid-2003 I bought Norco’s control over molds and was able to control design directly with Velo. Although the saddle wasn’t exactly perfect, now I finally had control over the design, and could more efficiently start to introduce the necessary improvements.

Making these changes is slow and you often have to do one at a time- you would not believe the things that can potentially go wrong when you start mass producing products. However, for the first time we now have a saddle that can be improved through first-hand input from riders (plus a bit of $$ investment from KHU) , and that’s a big difference from the Viscount and Miyata Saddles.

The new (ie late 2003-2004) version of the KH saddle is really comfortable for trials- in my opinion it has a much more comfortable and easy to grip underside edge than either the Miyata or Viscount saddles, and with the rails bracket I find it more comfortable than my old carbonfibre airseat.

Future versions will also have a removable seatcover and thicker, more comfortable front handle, and most likely ongoing improvements will continue to be made for the forseable future.

Kris Holm.

are they going to be any softer?? And alot stiffer than the old version??

WHEN WHEN WHEN?! I’m waiting to get this!

Oh and are we going to get an OFFICIAL, “This is what is different about the new KH unicycle, seat, hub, cranks.” With some pics perhaps?

The model that most recently ordered (ie that is in stock now) is stiffer than previous models, and similar in stiffness to next year’s.

There was inconsistency in foam hardness with some of the earlier saddles, but that has been fixed so you may find the new saddles are softer. I guess the best way to describe it is that the new saddles have what is in my opinion the best compromise between softness and support (ie not too hard but bottoming out on the padding either, no pun intended!).

In other words, if you bought your saddle before last August then the version that currently has is better than the saddle you have, and the ones with removeable covers will be available by summer/fall.


So I would probably be able to make an airseat out of it right?? And you should make some different colors on the new saddles like, green, orange, maybe even white, that would be awsome!

Why?! Do you want to pay an extra $5 just for a little more variety in the colors?! I don’t. Grey, blue, red, and black are all that matters to me. Lately I’ve noticed the grey saddle goes with just about all unis. If you want more color bleach the things and do it yourself, but don’t ask for more colors, because that’ll increase production costs, and thus, increase the price for the consumer!


Actually, it’s not that bad as long as you don’t get too crazy about it. In the Kevlar side panels I can potentially do black, blue, grey, yellow, orange, red or green.


I do. I bet a lot of people would too