How good is a good unicycle?

I’ve never been on a “good” bicycle but I’ve heard that the difference between a real bicycle and a Walmart bicycle is phenomenal.

Is there a similar difference between a really good unicycle and a Torker? I’ve heard good things about Torker and I’m very happy with the ones that I own, but I’m wondering if I should throw some real money into my next unicyle.

Well, what torker do you speak of.

If it’s the LX, then the others are slightly better, though not by much.

If it’s the CX, then the others are better.

If it’s the DX, then the others are better.

What is this uni used for?

Hawo psbagumba. :smiley:

1) Yep, i prefer going to a proper bike shop rather then buy 1 at a department store because the people at a proper bike shop will be able to help you find the right one just for you, based on your everyday needs. Where as Walmart 1 would just have generic brands of bikes. So pretty much nothing to meet your needs cause you have to rely on instinct. Well i think anyway. :smiley:
2) A Torker such as the DX to me is indestructible at best. I had one myself and loved it like crazy. It would take a beating and demand/beg for more.
3)It depends on what you really want to do though. For example MUni, Trials, Freestyle etc.

If you require more help, let me or any of the kind people on this forum know or PM me if you like. :smiley:

Your good Aussie friend.

I’m just wondering if he/she is considering another brand of unicycle maybe??? :thinking:

My next uni will probably be a 36 - not sure which one. Plus, I’m not sure there’s that much of a quality difference between the choices that I have.

Currently I have a DX20 and 2 LX26. One of the 26’s has the extra sleeve on the frame so I use that one for MUni. The older 26 rarely leaves the pavement.

I’m just wondering if I might make a mistake getting the cheapest 36 I can find and if I should sell my 20 and get a great street uni.