How good are torkers???

I just ordered a torker, but I just found out that they can break easily. They may not be the cream of the crop, but I know that they still can allow you to do many tricks and endure most drops, but I don’t know for certain if a torker is worth my money? Is it? or will it not last me as long as I’d hoped for? Ty, -australianpirate d-_-b

Depends. What torker did you order? What will you be using it for? Is this your first unicycle? How long would you want it to last you before you upgrade? Have you ever unicycled before?

Torkers are great learner unicycles, however if you plan to use it for drops, it is not going to be a great learner for very long.

Torkers (LXs specifically) will last for a long long time if you are only using it to learn basic ridding skills. Once you are ready for drops, hops and jumping tricks, then you should move onto a higher quality uni and give the Torker to someone else that wants to learn.

Using a Torker for advance skills, like drops and hops will pretty much be the end of the unis life.

They are worth every penny they cost. But are not made for advanced ridding.

LXes could be used for advanced freestyle riding, without breaking. They aren’t the best for freestyle, but they will definitely hold up as well as accomodate all the freestyle tricks one chooses to do in at least a decent manner.

Yea. I am no expert at freestyle, but I would imagine a single walled rim could be iffy for standing on wheel or sideways wheelwalk type stuff. I also am no expert in engineering, and dont know how much a second wall in a rim will stop torsional flex.

What I do know is that the rim is prolly the weakest part of the Torkers, followed next by cranks, then maybe hub, then seat… sounnd about right?

I think that since the LX has 48 spokes, and since freestylers rarely jump more than 6 inches, there is an extremely low chance of the rim bending. I have never heard of an LX rim failing someone who rides only freestyle.

Torker DXes are pretty solid machines, there is a pretty common issue (or at least there was with the pre-2008 models, not sure if the newers ones are better) with the frame snapping at the crown weld, but if you hold onto the warranty information, UDC will probably help you out if that happens. Very good rig for the price.

Wow, completely forgot Torker made the DX, ahha. I owned one.
If you ordered a DX forget everything I said about hops and drops. The DX is as strong as a tank and will take tons of abuse.