How far do you ride?

What distance do you regularly ride?
What is the terrain like ( hills or flat etc )
and on what size wheel?

On my 24" I will go 4-5 miles
On my Coker I am up to 6-8 miles

when I take my coker out I ussually go about 15-20 miles on more or less flat terrain.

Last weekend I went 11.5 miles on my Coker, 170mm cranks. Light rolling hills. My longest ride. It was a charity b*ke ride.

Before that, my longest ride was 8 miles on the 24" Nimbus Muni with 150mm cranks. low slope trail followed train tracks.

I usually go out and ride around town… bouncing up and down stairs and curbs mostly asphalt and concrete some ups and downs. Not sure how far but I usually head home after an hour (that’s when the numbness starts lately) … and it’s on a qu-ax 24" muni


I regularly ride 2 miles a day on my 24. Around town and around my neighborhood. I practice stuff like curbs, stairs, hopping, idling, general street skills. Longest ride for me was 5 miles (w/o a UPD) on my 24.

I ride 8-10 miles on my 26"profile(prototype) at least once a week-I do my local errands 3-5 miles one or two other days when time permits…two weeks ago I went to berekely for the group ride…that day I ended up turning the wheel for about 20 miles…can’t wait till I get my hunter 36" ,then I will have less time based excuses to ride with the training wheel…

I’m still so beginner it’s hardly funny. I’ve worked my way up to 1/2 mile w/o UPD on the road with my 24" Onza. I usually HAVE to dismount because my quads are momentarily shot and I have to walk for a couple of hundred feet before I dare get back on. Then it’s hit and miss for the next mount and ride length. In a moring session I can get a .5 and a couple more above .25 in before mounting endangers my life. Today I put about 1.25 - 1.5 miles of actual in the saddle time in. I guess that’s not too bad for someone pushing 40, nearly 240 lbs, just starting, and uncoordinated as all h3ll too. \

Turning corners had been my weak point, but I FINALLY am getting to where I can round corners and not have to go into the oncoming lane to do it. I hope to eventually start riding my old jogging loop that’s 3 miles of ups and downs. I just have to get over the feeling of having to constantly fight for balance. It’s sloooooowwwwwlllllyyyyyy coming around. I wrecked the crap out of established learning curve. I’m coming along so slowly that if they taught unicycling at school I’d be showing up on the short yellow bus. :o

I have ridden
20 miles on a 20 (32 km)
24 miles on a 24 (38 km)
53 miles on a 28 (85 km)
53 ish on a Coker

A long day for me would be 30 miles. A regular ride on the 28 or Coker would be 10 - 20 miles. Twice I’ve done over 20 miles without a dismount.

On the 26 inch MUni, it’s rare for me to do more than about 10 - 15 miles in a day.

My latest challenge is taking my Coker up the bluff road just a half mile from my house. It is approximately 3 miles (600 foot accent) from the base of the bluff to the point overlooking the city. It’s a steep and very difficult climb but very worth it. The decent is not the best without a brake but still fun. I also prefer doing it at night because the view is more enjoyable.

Takes me just under 20 minutes to climb and probably a bit over 15 to descend.

Considering that I ride my 24" to and from campus about four to five times a day, then in the evening I ride some more and sometimes in the afternoon go on a longer ride (around 10ish miles) I’ll say I ride about 5-6 miles daily and have maxed out at around 18 or so.

That number will increase once I get around to purchasing a larger diameter uni.

i ride like 2 miles a day. but thats just cuz im not heavy on distance riding. its not me-its all about tricks to me.

We’ve had discussions here before about commuting, so check out those threads, too. I ride to work and back nearly each day, so I regularly go 50 miles a week on my guni, averaging 9 miles a day (and a few more on Sunday).

If I go for a proper days ride on the coker, it’s 50 miles plus, up to 86 in a day. I’ve done rides up to 40 miles on the 26". On the 24" freestyle I’ve done 12 miles and that was dead boring, I wouldn’t recommend it. Oh and I’ve done more than 60 miles in a day on the 29".

I only have a wussy little commute now, probably about 40-45 miles a week now, plus some riding around between campuses and to evening stuff. A couple of hills, but I’m still not getting myself super fit by any means.


10 to 15 on a 28", mostly on flatish bike paths or 8-10 on hilly residential streets.

I ride not too far on my 24.

I ride maybe 10 miles on my 29, although I haven’t yet got the saddle comfort dialed in yet. I had an air saddle at first, which I recently abandoned in favor of a KH gel saddle. The KH is more comfortable, but I’m not sure if it’s more than 10 miles worth comfortable. I might need to try some different angles.

100+ miles is far on my road bike.

30+ miles is far on my geared mountain bike.

I ride as far as I need to on my fixed gear commuter.

And I ride as hard and as long as I want on my single speed mountain bike.

I have done a few 50 - 60 mile charity rides on the Coker and a max of 87 miles in one day. If I’m out for a solo pootle, it’ll be around 15-20 miles or 30-40 miles for a day visiting purveyors of brown falling-over-water :wink: .

If I’m doing a local x-c on easy off-road on the 24" muni, then probably 8-15 miles would be normal and still allow me to have some family time.


I doubt it. 18 mph on a 24" is like 27 mph on a Coker, only harder. As far as I know, only 1 or 2 people have ever taken a Coker 27 mph. You won’t get a 24" uni going 18 mph unless it’s on the back of a car. I’d say your top speed was probably no more than 15 other than tiny bursts lasting less than a second.

My usual regular Coker ride is about 10 miles and sometimes extended to about 15 miles to 20 miles. It’s a loop that starts from home so it’s a convenient little ride. Has a few hills that get me up to maximum heart rate. I also do some longer Coker rides.

My usual muni rides are 5 to 12 miles. The hillier the better. The more climbing the better.

furthest I’ve ridden on my coker is 12, but I know I could do better than that…and on my 20", I usually just ride around town doing trials, but I’m sure that riding around doing trials for 3+ hours adds up to like 5 or 6 miles.