How far can you jump to the side with your uni?

LAst time I measered it was 4’ 2"

Losers? them be fighten’ words :wink:

yeah but he doesn’t ride trials and can beat trials riders at their own sport… so…
I can do at least 6’ with a giraffe

So true, so true. from trialsboy himself. That’s an awesome name for lame superhero. any takers… brian? Anyways, last i checked you couldn’t do more than 4’. and this wasn’t with my giraffe. was that with steve’s heavy 6’?

you haven’t riden in a while ehh…
I was almost making 6’ with Uncle steves giraffe. with yours I will do a little better so… i should make it

If you asked your mom maybe she’d tell you something different

you always did have an unusual attraction toward her you never had toward your gf

oh yeah?
well… your sister!!! hahahahaha


didn’t really work that well their. but we all know you suck at making jokes so we forgive you

I can spell there.

so can I retard. I actually spelled it right just used the wrong one
the correct comment would be:
the proper form of would be there

Same as me lol.

last time I measured was around 1.8 metres from pallet to pallet, that was september last year though on a muni

150 cm but wednesday i can do more.

Depends on the size uni and weight.

I did almost a 5 foot gap across this trench on my kh 24. With the LM rim and 2x3 intense tire it weighs about 17lbs!