How far can you jump to the side with your uni?

how far?

my record is 150, but with more time can i jump farther i think.

150 mm thats not that much :p. Im not sure what I can do. I dont really try gapping static that much.

150 cm? 150mm
what is it?
anyways, i can rolling sidehop over 8 feet.
I can static hop 2m (6 feet 6")

How do you roll sideways? :slight_smile:

Sounds like another one of those things where the person asking needs to be a little more specific. To me, a sidehop suggests no rolling, but he didn’t say. I think the first time we did a “distance hopping” competition at one of the big unicycle conventions it was won by sidehops. I think I did about 175cm, but that’s not huge. Now we call the event “long jump” and I think all the biggest jumps are rolling hops.

I can sidehop over 3 1/2 people!

hey John,

Why were you stopped by the police?

Because of the political sensitivity of the place only four years after the Tiananmen Square “massacre” or whatever it’s called. Search “Tiananmen Square” and “1989” or “protest” to read more about it.

In 2000 we retured to Tiananmen Square with the full population of Unicon X and did what I like to call a “demonstration” there, with a giant unicycle chain and some little shows. Still, out of fear of something more politically sensitive, our area was cordoned off with police barricades, with another set of police barricades around that leaving a big, empty area around us (plenty of room there for such things). That was at least 400 riders or so!

I can hop a little over 8’ sideways with my unicycle

Wow! Is that static, flat to flat? PLEASE get that on video so we can all see it! That’s amazing. If that is static, then that beats even Skrobo’s 6’6" sidehop! :slight_smile:

I can sidehop between 3.5-4 feet. I’m not really sure, because I just stood up and put my legs at about the width of my biggest hops, and guesstimated.

EDIT: According to Firefox, guesstimate is a real word. Whuda thunk?

side jump

I never really checked i guess. Mabye about 3-4 ft. Im not totaly sure, im also kinda bad at unicycling… i can do like 5ft drops and jump (vertical) about a foot…:o

About 5’6 feet, ill measure agian today, and come tell you guys.
Last time i measured it was 5’6

nah, not rolling sideways, you roll in at a SLIGHT angle and hop at a big angle, its not really straight to the side, but mostly. best thing I can say is that in my video, right after the one footing, the gap from sidewalk to street.

John- In that 3 1/2 person sidehop picture, you could have used some longer shorts;)

I have about a 5 -5’6" sidehop. I haven’t measured in a while.

Maybe I’ll get it on video sometime. I did it with my sun 12".

does that even count?

Why wouldn’t it?

i don’t know, might as well be jumping on the ground or something. lol

i bet I could hit 8 feet on a 12" them suckers are LIGHT.

It counts as much as your (insert torkerDX/KH20 here) does.

ok, fine, what do you do on your trials, thats insane.

trials? you think i ride trials?
meh. that’s for losers.