How far can you gap?

I am just wondering how far other unicyclists can gap? I dont care what measurement i just want to know how i compare to others at a 5 foot gapping distance.

i’ve been uniing for about 4 months and my farthest was a (flat) gap of 53"

I can gap around 43 inches from 2 months of riding.

I can gap your mom.

i’ve been riding for exactly 3 years
doing tricks for about 8 months

my Biggest confirmed (by some little kids on bicycles) gap was 10’
my average is 8 1/2-9’

that was good… ::insertsarcasmhere:: and original

dude u gap 10 feet ? well WE HAVE A NEW WORLD RECORD HOLDER ! make sure ur facts are right. I can gap too far too tell u… lets say 1 almost 2 pallets.

there are people who can do better

but I can’t prove it
unless you go ask those kiddos

I did a 70 inch gap yesterday from a bleacher bench to a picnic table, It had a one foot drop to it, but I did a the same gap flat (a lower bench) for a total of 58 inches. This is the most I have tried and measured.

yea those kiddos are fricken wrong… the world record is like 2 meters something… and ur doing over 2 meters… so ud be world class ? yea right…

10 ft = 3.048 m
9 ft = 2.7432 m
8.5 ft = 2.5908 m

To my recollection, the furthest gap was around 2.75m into sand. Either your F-ing amazing, or Jesus has filled you mind up to the brim with shit.

When gapping people need to also take into account the drop height cause a drop really adds alot to your distance.
A foot drop added 12 inchs to my distance and I could have easily gone further if I had kept on moving the picnic table out further.

Video tape it and post iT!

buddy we are talking about flat here I did a 10 stair so what I can get 3 meters ?

if ur gapping off a picnic table… and even then I kno u dint do 3 meters cauz that is still amazing…

I’ve done 2.87m, on film. We’ve got our national unicycle weekend coming up in a month, so i’m going to try set a new official world record then. I believe the current official is 2.65m.

I’ve also done a static flat gap of 2.05m

i guess im a noob, but what i meant was just standing still then jumping, no pre hop, no rolling hop.

The current official (dont know if the IUF say that it is official but it was complete in the rules at the german nationals) is 2.60m by Moritz Hahn. You can see all records at .

My best static flat gap (on film) was aprox. 2 meters (just over 6 and a half feet), I can’t do rolling very well.

i can roll hop like 2 meters… on flat ground…