How exactly do you "save your draft"

Is anyone able to do this?
What am I doing wrong?

Thx, Slam…

PS…I am “confident” this is not an I.T. issue, it’s just ineptitude on my part. Right, because website infrastructure coding incompetence will just makes me implode. KABOOM!

It’s saved in realtime, more or less. Seems to be every few seconds.

Try typing out a reply to a thread but don’t hit the post button. Wait a few seconds and close that tab.

Then return to the thread and click the “reply” button to open the editor. You should see whatever you typed before closing the tab.


Exactly. You can have 1 draft for a new topic + 1 draft for a new reply, for a total of 2 drafts (as far as I know at least).

They’re also available in your preferences:

Yes, the draft is saved when the checkmark icon appears on the bottom right of the message composer, after a quick loading spinning icon:

Note that the checkmark disappears after a few seconds.