How does this thing work?!?! calls this thing a “unicycle suspension stand”. I got it with my new Torker LX 24", however I have not figured out how it works yet! I know this whole thing sounds really dumb, but, could anyone explain to me how it works?


Oh and for some reason it says it’s only supposed to be used with UP TO 20" unis… although it came with my 24"??? :thinking:

I think it works best as an anti-theft device.

  1. Set your unicycle in the corner of the room.
  2. Place the item in question in front of it.
  3. Turn off the lights.

That’s it. If anyone tries to take your unicycle, they’ll maim themselves.

well you rap that hook around the frame and the little ledge thing holds up your crank. Hard to explain easy to do.

Ok, this is going to be hard to explain.

Hold your Unicycle at about a 10 degree angle away from the hook.

Put the crank behind the stand pointing down.

Move the frame back vertical sliding the hook between the frame and wheel.

I’ll take a picture of it when my frame is done drying, I just painted it.

Lol quite possibly the best use

I’ll go see if I can put your words into action…

Yeah… just make the frame go behind the hook, this is a back view.

Eureka! Hey Thanks so much man! I’d never have guessed that by myself.

Have fun wth your newly painted frame, borgschulze.

i always stuck my crank up, its easier…


this is so funny
my neighboard got a torker and comes with a stand just like yours.
me taked a full day to discover how that shit works